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Charles Decker, interim director of campus safety, is the chief of safety responsible for the protection of the Adrian College community and property. He handles selection, training and supervision of all safety department personnel. He also controls parking and traffic on campus and monitors the maintenance and development of equipment and financial operations.

Decker wanted to ensure students have an understanding of the new policies on campus.

“The ‘rules’ that have been highlighted due to recent events are, and have always been, in the student handbook that all students received at the beginning of the school year,” he said. “What we continue to have to deal with is a considerable amount of disrespect towards figures of authority including Adrian College officials and Adrian police officers by some defiant students on several occasions during various events.”

Decker stressed that campus safety strives to create an atmosphere of safety, respect, and community on campus. Campus safety deals with issues that deserve a great amount of respect as they are presented.

“It is our duty to make sure every student is safe on campus,” Decker said.  “With that being said, the behaviors that have been displayed during this Fall 2010 semester have brought to light some major issues with the amount of disrespect and disregard that some select students show toward college officials including safety officers, resident assistants and administrators.”

Campus safety tries their best to work with students.

“Campus safety, in the past, has been willing to work with those students that have respected and complied with directions given,” Decker said.  “What will happen now and in the future is completely in your hands as students of Adrian College.”

If you have further questions regarding the policies of Adrian College including the alcohol or noise policies, please refer to the student handbook.

Charles Decker, interim director campus safety, is the chief safety officer responsible for the protection of all members of the College community and College property.

“I handle selection, training, and supervision of all safety department personnel,” said Decker. “I am also in charge of monitoring and control of parking and traffic on campus and the maintenance of departmental equipment and clerical/financial operations.”

Decker also wanted students who are not already aware to know that October is Fire Prevention Month. He stresses that students make themselves aware of things like the nearest exits in their dorms as well as other buildings, in case of a fire. Also, as a side note, he reminds that all smoking must occur 25 feet away from any building on campus.

As for those students still worried about the suspected students with herpes, he says, “I am unaware of this, but the health center would be the area that could answer your question.”

Allegedly, there are a few students on campus with herpes and it has been said that they are intentionally trying to spread it.

Kristi Hottenstein, dean of students, has met with the athletic staff about incidents inside and outside the classroom, STD’s and student health on campus.

While students are still left in wonder as to if the rumors are true, there are students still wondering why they haven’t been notified of the issue and many are still wondering what is being done about it.

In other news, a recent incident happened on campus: an Adrian College student was arrested on Saturday on Michigan Avenue. According to an article published by The Daily Telegram, “[he was arrested] on suspicion of disorderly conduct which followed a report of nearly 100 intoxicated people near the Adrian College Campus”.

According to a report released by the Adrian Police Department, he reportedly refused to stop yelling after he was asked to leave the scene. The officers were said to have used a loudspeaker and lights to address the group. They successfully managed to peacefully disperse most of the crowd. Yet, the individual arrested refused to leave and continued to yell. In result, he was taken into custody without incident. His preliminary breath test measured 0.164. He remained lodged at the Lenawee County Jail.

According to Decker, “disorderly conduct has a few different definitions of the term disorderly.”

If students are interested in knowing the exact meaning, “it can be found in the Michigan Criminal Code as section 750.167 and also online,” Decker said.

Campus safety reflects the dedication put into the safety of Adrian College students and staff.

The new interim director of campus safety, Charles Decker, supervises all of campus safety, investigates on-campus crimes and is the liaison between the college and the community.

While ongoing investigations are still private matters, Decker had a few words of advice for students.

“Recently we have been dealing with issues of theft,” said Decker. “I strongly advise students to lock the doors to their rooms as well as their cars and to also make sure they keep track of their keys at all times.”

The campus safety mission can be found on the Adrian website: “It is the mission of our employees to provide professional and courteous service in order to protect the safety and security of all members of the Adrian College community, including students, faculty and staff who seek a safe learning and living environment.”

Some students may have heard of a rumor of an alleged “stabber” apparently being on campus Saturday night. Decker wanted to clear it up and made it quite clear that it was not true and only a rumor.

“I want students to know that if there is an issue happening on campus, to please let us know. Make us aware somehow so that we can help,” said Decker.

He also wanted to remind students to check their email on a daily basis not only for updates on campus safety but as well as other emails regarding important information from other members of staff.

A community notice came out Nov. 24 about two store robberies and a carjacking that occurred that morning.  The Daily Telegram reported the suspect, Kelly Arthur Dalian, was apprehended that  afternoon in Adrian, where he was in a friend’s house.

According to Dave Leib, director of campus safety, notices are set out when there is a potential threat to campus safety. Students and faculty who receive thee-mails are given all the information that can be released at that time.

“If we get any more information that threatened Adrian College faculty, students or staff, more information would be given out as to what to do,” Leib said.
Community notices are given out to inform students and faculty so they can be aware of what is going on around them, Leib said.
“We have to do community notices in accordance with the Jeanne Clery Act,” Leib said.

The Jeanne Clery act is a law that requires colleges and universities to inform students of potential safety risks on campus. It was named for 19-year-old Lehigh University student  Jeanne Ann Clery, who was raped and murdered  in her residence hall on April 5, 1986.

Leib said e-mails go out for lower level threats, meaning threats not made directly to the campus. More immediate threats, those made directly to students and faculty, are treated more seriously. In addition to the e-mail, the emergency siren on Dawson Auditorium will sound and anybody browsing the Internet on campus will be automatically routed to a different page with the warning and what details are available, Leib said.

Dalian is now being tried for charges that could lead to  life in prison, The Daily Telegram reported.

Large parties on campus, for the most part, are not allowed. The exception is Greek organizations, who can go through Laura Owen, the Greek Life coordinator. Another exception is people in Cargo Hall, who can have parties in their basement if they get approval from their hall coordinator. Campus Safety gets copies of the party request forms so they know what’s going on.

Dave Leib, Director of Campus Safety, defined parties as events where the residents of the dorm room or apartment can’t control the number of people coming and going. As long as the host, or hosts, are accountable for the people they invite and what they do and make sure things don’t get too rowdy, they’re okay, Leib said.

“Typically, if students are being responsible, we don’t try to intervene,” Leib said.

Campus Safety will break up a party if people are being too loud, if there are minors drinking or if the party is out of control.
“We try to keep the peace between the houses and the Adrian community,” Leib said.

According to him, it’s not a good thing when the neighbors complain. If students can control the parties they have, Campus Safety doesn’t need to get involved.

“We’re not out to get anybody or ruin everybody’s fun,” Leib said.

Campus Safety Director Dave Leib spoke on some general safety issues on campus.

One of these issues is students who leave outside doors to the dorms open. When this happens, it allows people not authorized to be in the dorms to get in, Leib said.

Leib also said windows, especially on the first floor, are a concern. Students open their windows to regulate the temperature in their rooms and things that are left on the window sill can be stolen.

Students should shut and lock their windows and doors when they leave the room, even if it’s only for a short while, Leib said.

He also  said students who see somebody suspicious, or somebody doing something suspicious, they should report it.

“We would rather check out 100 false alarms than not be there when something real happens,” Leib said.

He said students will not be punished for false alarms.

Another thing Leib discussed is the Walk-with-Me program. Students can request a safety officer to escort them at night, Leib said.

In addition to taking advantage of this program, Leib advised students to walk in groups and in well lit areas. They should also pay attention to their surroundings.

“At night, this is more of a concern,” he said.

Leib would also like to remind students that the campus safety office is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

“A lot of students think we’re out to get them and that’s not the case,” Leib said. “We’re here to help and promote a safe learning environment.”

As students may or may not know, there has been a string of thefts from student vehicles recently.

“Typically, these occurrences were between 3 and 6 a.m.,” said David Leib, Director of Campus Safety.

Most of these thefts were from vehicles with unlocked doors or open windows, Leib said. He advises students to secure their cars when they are not driving and also to take their valuables into their rooms with them. He also reminds students to lock their dorm rooms for safety’s sake.

So far, thanks to the efforts of the Adrian College safety department working closely with the Adrian City Police, two men have been arrested in conjunction with these thefts.

“They were witnessed running from the law and into an apartment building where they were apprehended,” Leib said. A lot of the missing property was recovered when these men were caught this past weekend, Leib said.

According to Leib, there are two more men suspected of having something to do with these thefts. Both are Caucasian between the ages of 18 and 25. They were last seen driving a beat-up blue and grey pickup truck, make and model unidentified, with a Fox Racing sticker in the window.

Neither the people arrested nor the people the police are looking for are AC students, Leib said.

In technical terms, Leib said, this type of crime is called “Larceny from Motor Vehicles.” He said it is not a violent crime, but one students should be aware of. If the students are aware, they are more capable of preventing themselves from being victimized.  According to him, crimes like this one are an issue on the AC campus as well as other college campuses.