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  1. Sadie Portman says:

    Hello everyone at The College World. I just would like to congratulate you on the new website. It looks amazing! I know everything is still in transition but will you be including archives of the past newspapers too or will it start from the time the new website went up? I was just curious. Anyways I hope all is well in the little Cainie cubby. May your Wednesdays nights be filled with joy and your Thursdays mornings be spent in bed.
    With love and memories,
    Sadie A. Portman

  2. Margo says:

    Hello, I am currently an intern at a public relations and advertising company. We often place ads and pitch feature stories to college press and I was just updating our database. I was wondering what your current circulation number is and how often the college world is printed (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)
    Also do you have an arts or features editor that I could contact in the future about possibly taking part in conference calls with talent from upcoming films?

    Margo Baetens
    Paramount Pictures Studio Intern
    Allied Integrated Marketing

  3. Ed Warren says:

    Press release
    Warren Creative Designs LLC
    Music and More Midwest

    Warren Creative Designs LLC are happy to announce the planned opening of their new location at 257 South Main St. in Onsted MI. The storefront location will operate under the name of Music and More Midwest. Along with continuing to service our school, religious facility and non profit customers established over our 20 plus years in business, we will have a retail location to serve area musicians. Final date for the opening of the storefront location will be the last week August with a Grand Opening later in September.

    We will be a full line dealer serving the guitar combo market , hobby music and mature music segments with things like banjo, ukuleles, harmonicas and specialty instruments e but will have an emphasis in drums and percussion as well as band and orchestra. We are currently making adaptations to the location to create a better environment for our new and established customers.

    As a company we started out selling band uniforms, accessories such as shoes, gloves, flags, flagpoles, tape, fabric field supplies, podiums, carts, PA systems and other products related to school, religious and non profit music programs as well as providing drill design, guard design and show production for band indoor guard and percussion and drum corps.. Several years ago, we added a number of instruments, accessories such as mouth pieces, drum sticks and heads, amps, guitars and various percussion instruments. Our new location will allow us to offer a greatly expanded access to the top instrument suppliers in the world such As Jupiter, Mapex, Pearl, Conn Selmer, Ludwig, Tama and Yamaha Drum sets and a full line of Music Magazines.

    With the new storefront, we will be adding a wide selection of name brand drum sets in all price ranges, instrument rentals, an enhanced selection of all the products mentioned earlier as well as several new brands. We will feature a large selection of printed music including individual pieces for most instruments as well as many book collections, how to and method books. We will also be featuring a number of magazines related to various instruments, styles of music and buyers guides.

    Another aspect we will be adding to the area in early fall will be the availability of a lesson program. We will offer lessons in all instruments in which interest exists. We will utilize local musicians and music professionals to provide their expertise in these areas and support them with a wide range of print music as well as instrument rentals and sales. We will offer instrument rental and leasing for students from 6 to 96 and beyond. We will also have several lines of beginner, step up and professional level instruments either in stock or as a special order opportunity for sale.

    True to our roots as a education service organization, we will have limited storefront hours during the busy band Camp season in late July and early August but will expand hours through the remainder of the year. In addition to our wide range of products we also offer Program development and production for marching band, drum corps and indoor percussion and guard. In addition to the design and production aspects we also have professionals available for consulting, seminars, rehearsals, and clinics in all related fields including winds, percussion, guard and marching and movement.

    We look forward to this new opportunity to serve our clients and supporters and the addition resources and involvement we will bring to the area and the local music community. Until our opening you may reach us by phone at 517 467-2003, 517 592-3997 or 800 947-5877. You can also many of our products on our website

    Adrian College students will be offered a 5% discount on many products with the presentation of their student ID

  4. Charles (Bill) Young says:

    I recently unearthed from storage boxes five copies of the College World dated March 1, 1946 through May 10, 1946, VOLUME LXI, Numbers 9 -13. I attended Adrian as a freshman during that period and the papers were tucked away inside the cover of a book.
    As you will recall, WWII was just winding down and our class was an interesting mixture of fresh-faced post high school kids and older, war hardened veterans.

    I lived in McCollister Hall with my friend and roommate, John Tatu. Another of our dorm friends was an older fellow named Josef Horac who had been a Czech freedom fighter prior to America’s entry into the war. Joe had kept a diary; he spun many interesting tales during our “bull sessions”. Therefore, you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that his adventures had been related to College World reporter Mary Wickwire and serialized that Spring 66 years ago. Unfortunately, my copies do not carry the beginning nor the end of the article.

    Do your archives contain the missing issues? If so, can I obtain photo copies of those missing segments? Please advise me regarding the procedure and costs.