Baseball sweeps Olivet Comets in four-game weekend

Junior catcher Zach Kolvey gets ready to tag out Olivet’s player as he tries to slide into home. The Bulldogs defeated Olivet in all four games.
Junior catcher Zach Kolvey gets ready to tag out Olivet’s player as he tries to slide into home. The Bulldogs defeated Olivet in all four games.

Written by: Kelsey Stanton

This past weekend the Adrian College baseball team had four games to play with two games on Saturday, March 29 and two games Sunday, March 30. All four games this weekend were played at home against Olivet, however the Bulldogs were the away team Saturday. The Bulldogs completed a sweep against the Comets and were able to move themselves to a record of (13-5, 7-1 MIAA) overall on the 2014 season.

The first two games had scores of 5-2 and 2-1, both in the Bulldogs’ favor. The weather was uncooperative as well with some harsh cold and brisk winds all day long. Fans had to bundle up in coats and blankets and even then could not avoid shivering throughout the games. The two games Sunday were much better with temperatures going up into the 50’s with sun and a much lighter breeze. “It is very exciting to start the conference season 7-1 but we need to have a short memory because we have a huge series with conference rival Hope on Friday and Saturday,” said senior Brent Greenwood.

Greenwood pitched all seven innings in the third game of the series this weekend and only gave up seven hits and two runs while registering four strikeouts as well. Senior Mitch Stefanski hit his second home run of the year, which was a two-run shot.  Junior Drew Shutes scored his first triple on the season and went 2-4 scoring two runs. Junior Ben Yax also registered a triple as he went 2-3 with two RBIs. Sophomore Tommy Eng also had a good showing as a designated hitter going 1-1 with two runs, two walks, and two RBIs. Olivet ended up with 27 at-bats with four strikeouts and three left on base. Adrian College had 25 at-bats with only one strikeout but six left on base. “As a freshman moving through to the 2014 I see a bright future for the AC baseball team. As for this season, we have started out very well and I see a great successful future,” said freshman Ryan Dorow.

In the second game on Sunday the Bulldogs won 4-1 against the Comets finishing off a weekend of winning. Senior Holden Branch pitched six innings giving up six hits and only one run and registering six strikeouts. Junior closer Greg Sombati finished up the game for Adrian giving up no hits and boasting two strikeouts to seal the deal for the Bulldogs. Senior R.J. Rios ended up with one run, one hit, and one RBI. Eng put up the exact same numbers in this game as the designated hitter once again. Shutes had one run and senior Dan Heatherly had one hit and one run. Both teams had four walks, Adrian had 20 at-bats and Olivet had 25. The Bulldogs only had four left on base while Olivet left seven on base.

The team hit an important milestone after the first game on Sunday with coach Craig Rainey posting his 500th career win as the Adrian coach. A short ceremony took place on field with his father in attendance and pictures with the athletic director, Mike Duffy. The Bulldogs are facing Hope this weekend with a double header April 4 at home and then playing them  April 5 in a double header at Hope College. This is a big game for Adrian as Hope is one of their conference rivals. “It’s very exciting. We’re off to a good start and hopefully we can carry this through for the rest of the season,” says Eng.

Only 4 weeks left, keep your eye on the ball, bulldogs!

It is very easy to fall into a slump as the end of the year quickly approaches. But, we’re here to tell you, “don’t do it!” As spring rolls around and the sun finds it’s way to Adrian, MI, again, I don’t blame you for wanting to throw in the towel. But why sacrifice all of your hard work for a little bit of spring fever?

An easy way to keep yourself on track is to keep the same routine. I realize that it is nice out and you may feel like mixing it up a bit, but keeping the same routine will give you the same drive and motivation that you had at the beginning of the year.

Secondly, as summer approaches, find something to get excited about. Whether you’re pumped about your summer internship or laying on the beach with your friends, just get excited! Keep your eye on summer and motivate yourself to successfully make it through the rest of the year.

Lastly, the most important aspect of beating spring fever is to stay focused on your studies and continue going to class. This is crunch time. This is not the time to give up. This is the time when you need to work your hardest. So, attending ALL of your classes is crucial and completing all of your assignments is necessary.

Don’t forget that not only is summer at the end of this long, winding tunnel but also your report card. The last thing you want is to be disappointed when you receive it. Stay focused and keep working hard. There’s only four weeks left, you can do it, bulldogs!

Young girl stands up for the fight against cancer and gets penalized

When people are going through hard times they need the love and support of friends to help them through, such actions were displayed by eleven year old Kamryn Renfro this past Wednesday in Denver, Colorado. Kamryn’s best friend, fellow eleven year old Delaney Clements has been fighting childhood cancer since the age of seven. Recent chemotherapy treatment has resulted in the loss of Delaney’s hair, which led a caring friend to take action.

Kamryn Renfro decided to shave all of her hair in support of her aiding friend, so Delaney would not feel alone in her battle. You would think such a courageous act would be commended by her fellow peers but instead Kamryn was suspended from school as the principal said she was in violation of the school dress code. Kamryn’s ban from school was short lived though as the board of directors of the Caprock Academy in Denver voted 3-1 to reinstate the young girl. What an absurd situation, first off the man who voted no in the reinstating of Kamryn Renfro, Bill Newcomer, should be ashamed with himself. This man truly has no heart, regardless of what rules are included in the dress code at the Academy; this is a young girl who has shown affection amongst her years in support of her hurting friend. This was no time to stick to the rules; an exception had to be made, the message that Mr. Newcomer sent to the other kids at the school, through his actions, was completely wrong.

The world needs more children like Kamryn; the last thing needed is to prevent kids from doing such actions. Another issue needed to bring about from this scenario is the reluctant teasing by children. Delaney was worried about being teased by her peers for her appearance; this is something that this poor young girl should be the least bit concerned about. After all she has gone through to then be bullied by closed-minded ignorant children is appalling. Thankfully she has friends like Kamryn who was able to take action and stand by her. This scenario unfortunately is not rare though, children are constantly being teased over things that they cannot control; such as illness or birth defects.

It is hard to say that children need to mature at a younger age but they need to be more conscious of what their peers are going through. Something needs to be changed in the school system; children need to develop more common sense knowledge, instead of focusing on academics all the time. People are starting to be robotic in the amount of knowledge they possess, yet they probably don’t know how to change a light bulb. The school system needs to start developing the minds of children in a broader sense. Children, such as Kamryn, should awarded, not punished.

Governor Rick Snyder is a roadblock for progress and equality

Just recently Michigan has become the eighteenth state to legalize gay marriage. Many couples rushed to get married on Saturday, the first day allowing gay marriages, in celebration of winning the long hard battle to have these rights. More than 300 couples married on the first day.

Many people in the state of Michigan, including those who are not gay, were happy to see our state take this huge step towards marriage equality. But, Governor Rick Snyder has set up yet another roadblock for gay couples. Not even a week after the more than 300 gay couples were married, Snyder announced that the state of Michigan would not recognize these marriages, creating an uproar throughout the state. These marriages are still legal but Michigan will not recognize them in terms of couples having benefits. A stay was issued by the 6th Circuit Appeals Court, creating the block for gay couples.

Governor Snyder seems to be doing everything in his power to not allow equality in our community. The state of Michigan will lose citizens to other states who allow and welcome marriage equality if Snyder continues to send the message that you can fight for what you believe in, in Michigan but we will make it hard for you and then continue to leave out other rights. The majority of American belief today is in favor of equality, so why is Snyder holding Michigan back? It certainly isn’t based on the fact that he is Republican. According to “there’s a reason why ultra-conservative Greg McNeilly, a long time adviser to Dick DeVos, was one of the first in line Saturday to marry his male partner. Marriage is an important issue for many, personally and politically.” And McNeilly is not the only conservative to support marriage equality. Nevada’s Governor Brian Sandoval has recently agreed to stop the gay marriage ban in his state.

This stay on gay marriage is a huge set back for our state. Yes gay couples can now legally get married, but not being able to have benefits will hurt our state. Michigan could have made more money from couples filing joint taxes and sharing benefits, etc. He is also using taxpayer dollars to fight this legal battle, a ridiculous idea for the governor who claims that he wants to use taxpayer dollars in the most efficient ways to help our state. Some are saying the courts will not be able to get to the issue for up to a year, looks like Snyder will have a tough time running for reelection.

Cabrera plans to make Motor City his home, after signing contract

As we know, Opening Day has just happened around the nation, stadiums of the 32 Major League Baseball teams are officially opened for business. As a Tigers fan, I am especially happy because it means the weather is finally getting warm, and we get to see some of the best players in baseball in action again. One of those guys just got a massive new contract.

I speak of course, of Miguel Cabrera, star third baseman and slugger, who was just signed to a sky high 8 year, $248 million dollar extension. If we factor in what was left on his original contract, the deal is going to cost the Tigers $292 million dollars spread out over the next decade. The deal tops the contract that Alex Rodriguez signed back in 2007 with the Yankees, which was worth $275 million. People around the nation are already slamming the Tigers for making this big of a commitment to a player who will turn 31 April 18th.  Critics are already saying that the deal will turn Miggy into the next A-Rod or Pujols type of bust. An unbelievably high amount of money that will have supposedly very little impact.

Let me get this straight for everyone: I do NOT think Miguel Cabrera will turn into a bust just because of this ludicrous deal. I think there is very little chance that Miggy will turn into a bust. The difference between Cabrera and A-Rod or Pujols is that both of those two players were already declining in talent and production when they were given their deals.

Cabrera is far from declining in talent as we enter the 2014 season. He has won back-to-back American League MVP awards the past two seasons, and won a Battling Triple Crown (leading the league in average, homers, and RBI’s in a season) in 2012. Cabrera was one of the few bright spots for the Tigers offense last offseason, when Prince Fielder was struggling, Miggy at least was trying to light a fire under the Tigers anemic offense against Boston in the ALCS.

Now that is out of the way, the question remains: Do I think the amount of money being given to Miguel Cabrera over the next decade is reasonable? I think Cabrera is worth an extension, even the type that keeps him in a Tigers uniform for the next decade. But do I think he should make $292 million over the next decade? No way, because no athlete should ever make that much money. It doesn’t matter who they are, shelling out almost $300 million for ONE player is a bad idea for any team. The team is going to be so busy paying his contract that they will almost certainly allow the rest of the team to decline in ability around him.

Do I hope this happens to the Tigers? Of course not. I have always been and will always be a Tigers fan, so I desperately hope that Dave Dombrowski and Mike Illitch will keep the team at the level that we, as Tigers fans have come to know since 2005.
I know this will annoy people, but these blockbuster contracts are the exact reason why the MLB needs a salary cap, so that teams will be forced to stop handing All-Stars these absolutely ridiculous contracts that seem to ruin teams as they run out.

AC prepares for annual Ribbons of Excellence events

Photo courtesy
Photo courtesy

Every year all of Adrian College’s campus, staff and students, look forward to the Ribbons of Excellence presentations in the spring. This years Ribbons of Excellence presentations, given by the students, will be given on Tuesday April 8, 2014. Presentations relate back to one or more of the five ribbons that represents the college’s standards of excellence. These presentations are one of the many reasons that AC is unique compared to other institutions.

“Most colleges and universities do not require a capstone experience from their students, or they require it on a much smaller scale,” said President Jeffrey Docking. Ribbons of Excellence is a chance for the students to show case some of their hard work that was endured during their college career. “The purpose of this day is to encourage students to engage in the acquisition of new knowledge outside the classroom and to act as a catalyst for student/faculty collaboration,” according to

Presentations are either given by one single student, or a group of students who are knowledgeable on the same topic. “These presentations require students to synthesize four years of learning into a single capstone project. This is a high level of learning that mirrors the type of problem solving that future employers expect from college students. These presentations require strong articulation skills, clear thinking, the ability to respond quickly to unexpected questions and a laudable work ethic. All of these attributes are essential to a successful life both professionally and personally,” said Docking, on why students should attend Ribbons of Excellence.

This years Ribbons of Excellence topics include everything from American advertising, to bodybuilding, journalism, math, biology, and everything in between. There are plenty of interesting topics on all different areas for students to choose from, it is hard to not be able to find a presentation that will be of interest to you.

“I took a trip to Antarctica where I took a course in eco tourism and a trip to Ushuaia, Argentina where I took a course in sustainable development. My presentation will be bringing these two experiences and education that I gained together,” said senior Nicole Harkness. Nicole’s presentation is titled “The Sustainable Development of Antarctic Ecotourism” which covers the Caring for Humanity and the World ribbon.

Another presentation, titled “Twenty-Five Years of Journalism: Topics, Trends and Testaments” also covers the ribbon of Caring for Humanity and the World. Seniors Elizabeth Golem, John Weishar, Ben Momon and sophomore Goodluck Mpeba will be giving the presentation. “Our presentation highlights the biggest topics in the media in the past 25 years. We will cover topics such as September 11, Michael Jackson’s death, the OJ Simpson trial, as well as others. It is really interesting to look back on what has happened on our planet and how the media coverage has changed throughout those years,” said Momon.

A full list of the presentations, times and locations can be found in your student email as well as online at

PIKE now an official fraternity chapter on campus again

Courtesy of Jacob Morrow.
Photo courtesy Jacob Morrow.

Adrian College’s Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity has hit a milestone this past weekend. For the first time in a number of years, they have become an official chapter on campus and have been united with the list of its fellow fraternity houses across the nation. After a long layoff with no official chapter on AC’s campus, the Zeta Lambda colony has been approved by the fraternity’s national headquarters and fully joined on Saturday with the conclusion of the installation ceremony.

Junior fraternity president John Berling expressed that he and his brothers are overjoyed at this final step, but knww that it didn’t come without work ethic. “It’s great that two and a half years of hard work have finally come to pay off,” said Berling. “We started from nothing but a vision, and that vision lead to goals and it helped us accomplish them.” Saturday’s installation ceremony, which was held in the Adrian Tobias room, included all brothers from the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, their dates, alumni, family and representatives from the fraternity headquarters. The event capped off a weekend of events leading up to the official initiation of the once Zeta Lambda colony into the Pi Kappa Alpha chapter.

The accomplishment by these men on campus is something that shouldn’t be overlooked considering the process it took to bring the chapter back to campus. Following the long absence of a “PIKE” fraternity, the headquarters’ representatives came along to AC to bring back their fraternity. From there, the founding fathers had to recruit and build a group of men they felt were suited for the colony. Two and a half years after the colony was started, reflecting on the growing numbers and the tireless work they had accomplished, they made an official petition to headquarters to be made a fraternity.

After the representatives looked through the colony’s numbers, grades, background information, etc., they were approved. “It is definitely a happy weekend for everyone,” noted Berling. “But the work does not stop here. We have to make sure we are going to get bigger, continue doing volunteer work, philanthropy, and setting higher goals.”

The news of the approval was special for everyone, but not much more than the first ones who began this colony a couple of years ago.
“We have worked our past two years of our college careers for this moment and it has finally come out for us,” said senior Alex Krajniak, one of the original PIKE members that began the colony. “This has not only brought us closer as friends, but as brothers.” What also made this weekend special to these men was the opportunity to spend it with all the proud alumni of the previous Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity on AC’s campus.
It was definitely essential to the people to bring it back to campus, including a lot of their new members that gave the fraternity the numbers they needed to become an official chapter, again.

“Joining PIKE was definitely one of the best choices of my life,” said sophomore Crystal Brown, who just recently became a member. “[This weekend], I was surrounded by a group of guys and alumni who have been there from the very beginning and who put all the effort back into becoming a chapter again. Seeing that has instilled a foundation for every member that we are not going to stop here, we are going to continue on in being the best fraternity on campus.”

The weekend was a success for the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, and much more is on the horizon. With the growth of numbers and the closeness of its family, this chapter looks like it’s here to stay.

AC hosts the Science Olympiad for variety of students

Courtesy of Professor Renee Collins.
Courtesy of Professor Renee Collins.

The Science Olympiad brought many high school and middle school students to the campus of Adrian College. “Science Olympiad is where kids from all different schools can come and compete in different events that show case their specific skills. It is also an event that helps kids to build different skills and show off what they are good at and what they can do,” said junior Samantha Bailey.

There were many different events that the students could enter in. Some of the events were Anatomy, Boomilever, Crime Busters, Disease Detectives, Meteorology, Mission Possible, and Write It, Do It. To enter these events, they enter as teams. Senior Nicholas Oderio was a judge for the Mission Possible event, where the students had to create a Rude Goldberg machine. “A Rude Goldberg machine is a device where a person has some sort of initial input which triggers something else which make something else happen etc., ultimately performing a very simple task,” said Oderio.

In the Mission Possible event, the students had to turn on a light. They were very creative on the different ways to turn it on. Some students burned magnesium to turn on a light with a circuit with a photo detector, while other students would thermally expand a metal strip to turn the light on.

Junior Elizabeth Milligan used to compete in Science Olympiads herself when she was in high school and loved the experiences from them. “The coolest thing I saw at this event was definitely seeing the students getting to experience the culmination of all their hard work throughout the year. I competed in Science Olympiad all throughout high school, so I know where they are coming from, when you work so hard all year to learn and memorize, and then you get to compete and win,” said Milligan.

This was a great event to have students compete in and see the campus of AC. It really got the students thinking and using creative ways while also learning about different areas of science.

Student Organization Spotlight: Not For Sale Week

During Wednesday’s event, “Awareness Day,” Senior Sarah Buggia shows the distressing fact that the average cost of a slave, globally, is $90. Not For Sale is committed to helping end global slavery and human trafficking.
During Wednesday’s event, “Awareness Day,” Senior Sarah Buggia shows the distressing fact that the average cost of a slave, globally, is $90. Not For Sale is committed to helping end global slavery and human trafficking.

The Not For Sale student organization is currently in the middle of their “Not For Sale” week, raising awareness about the reality of human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

On Tuesday, the organization performed “Captive-ating Accounts” in the Adrian Tobias room, adjacent to Ritchie Marketplace. This was a student performance recounting the experiences of human trafficking survivors. The dramatic readings were performed by members of the organization, along with being one of the multiple events as part of the week. Other events included the movie “Not My Life, an interactive display about human trafficking in a student’s every day life through consumption, and the organization’s second annual “Fair Trade Fair” in Caine where students can buy fair trade products from local vendors.

Junior Morgan Pendleton said the funds that were raised from the events and specifically from “Captive-ating Accounts” went to a nearby cause that directly affects those in Lenawee County. “Captivating Accounts is a monologue performance of first hand accounts from people who have been trafficked.  Adrian College students perform these monologue to raise awareness for the issue, as well as fundraise for projects we are working on,” said Pendleton. “This year, our project we are fundraising for is through the Adrian Crossroads Human Trafficking Task Force. They are trying to create informational cards on human trafficking; the dangers of it, as well as warning signs to look for. We are working on translating them to Spanish [since they are only available in English in the Lenawee County area] to reach more members of the community. For the Not For Sale members performing, it is a great experience because we get the personal feel of what people who are trafficked go through.”

Chaplain Christopher Momany said the issues that Not For Sale encounter are relevant to students even though they may not realize it.
“College students need to decide what kind of world they want to live in: one where it is considered all right to buy and sell people, as long as you can make money or one where all people are respected and treated with dignity,” said Momany.

Pendleton said she strongly encourages Adrian College students to get involved with a cause that directly affects the community, especially Not For Sale.

“[Students] can also just tell their friends and try to get them involved [in Not For Sale week] as well. It would be wonderful, if they’re interested, if they come to the Not For Sale meetings on Tuesdays at 8:15 in the Hickman Board Room.”

“As You Like It” playing next week in Downs

Renaissance writer, William Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” will be the next drama performed by the Adrian College Theatre Department April 9- 12th in the recently renovated Downs Hall Theater.

The play centers on the character of Rosalind, who falls for a boy, Orlando, who has been disinherited from his family. Rosalind is then banished because of her love for Orlando and she finds that she must change her outward gender in order to safely travel to find her exiled father and family.
“Of course I think Shakespeare’s plays are still relevant to students and the world today,” said Annissa Morgensen-Lindsay, director of the production. “Shakespeare was one of our greatest writers and his inspiration has been felt for the past 400 years.  We see elements of his stories in plots all around us.”

Morgensen-Lindsay said that there has been a lot of involvement in this year’s production, including more than 30 students and staff and the help of a professional from another theater company. The students that were involved with the production had the opportunity to work with an expert from the Purple Rose Theatre in Chelsea MI, to teach students how to perform fights and combat on stage. Freshman Garrett Gabalis said he hopes that the audience enjoys the play as much as he enjoys performing in it. “I think that the audience will find the show to be entertaining, I mean it is a comedy,” said Gabalis, “Even if they do not fully understand what is being said, I think that the characters’ actions will portray what is going on very well.”

Junior Mia Gladieux agreed with Gabalis and said that the audience will still be able to relate to the play even though it was written about 400 years ago. “I do think the show is relevant to students. It is a comedy and most of the jokes, insults, plot lines, and songs can easily be understood today. Shakespeare wrote to entertain and we will certainly do that in the show,” said Gladieux, “I think they (the audience) will laugh a lot. The script is incredibly witty and there are several scenes I think will be crowd favorites.”

“As You Like It” can be seen next week in the Downs Hall Theater at 8pm Wednesday through Friday and at 1pm on Saturday. Tickets can be purchased in advance or at the door for students and staff for $6 and $8 for  general public.

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