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Next year starts now

As the temperature finally broke the 60 degree mark, and it seems to students that the semester is almost over, it is often useful to take a step back and realize that there is still much work to be done. It is tough to not get overwhelmed by the workload that the end of the semester can offer, but we still must remember one of the most important things of the end of the semester, preparing for the next one.

In the midst of studying for your numerous finals, or typing your plentiful research papers diligently, there are a few key things that must be done to ensure that your next semester at Adrian College is possible.

The first of these things is registering. The reason we are all at school is to get an education, and without registering for classes, it is impossible to do this. The most crucial part is making an advising appointment and then showing up to your advising appointment.

Just showing up and throwing some classes into your schedule is not the way to go about advising. To be successful and get out of AC on time, you must plan ahead and actually take classes that you need to graduate.

If you fool around and take too many 100 level electives, for instance, you will probably find yourself crying when coming out of your senior year degree audit. Also, take classes that interest you. There is nothing worse than taking a class you have no interest in just to fill credits, it will make your semester miserable.

The next thing that you need to make sure is in order is everyone’s least favorite topic, finances.  As we should all know, housing deposits were due a while ago, and if you have paid for that, you are likely set for a living arrangement for next year. However, this does not mean you are all set to go.

It is crucial that you look over your financial situation for the next semester to make sure that you are getting the scholarships or other aid that you usually get, so there are no sudden surprises when you come back in the fall. The last thing you want to do is come back to a bill that is larger than you expected.

Along with this, make sure that you are beginning to save for next year’s schooling. Most college students feel the pain of student loans eventually; so paying off as much as you can is the best way to go.

If you are able to, start working and compiling some money now, and over the summer, so that your financial stress can be somewhat eliminated next semester. It is never too early to begin saving.

With all of the hassle of worrying about next year in the middle of the semester, the final thing you need to make sure of is that your grades are good enough for you to remain as a student, and therefore finishing out the semester strong is important as well.

Do not let the nice weather distract you from your studies, you will have an entire four months to relax and enjoy the weather in the summer. It is tough to sit inside and listen to a boring lecture while there are many others outside on campus playing sports or just lounging outside, but taking the class route instead will pay off much more in the end. When you are home for the summer and you see your report card with great marks, it will be well worth the work.

With the year winding down, just remember, finish strong, and do all that you can to make sure that next year is in order. With all of this behind you, you will be able to move on and effectively celebrate your summer with the ease of mind that next year is all ready to go. For now, do all the preparations that you need for next year, because if you do not, this could be your last semester.

Love and marriage knows no gender

Homosexuality seems to be a touchy subject these days; it is one of those topics that you avoid bringing up, like politics or religion. The interesting thing is, all three of them somewhat coincide with each other. Recently, gay marriage has been a controversial topic, among many, that have been discussed in politics, and even in the past election.

The main arguments that the opposing side use is that it is blasphemous, and against all readings of the bible. Another argument is that it isn’t socially or morally acceptable. For this reason, same sex marriage is still illegal in most states. Whether it’s on the street, in the news, or in a political debate, everyone seems to have their own opinion on gay rights, but these days its looking as if more Americans are leaning toward equality.

When it comes to politics, not only do a lot of conservative and liberal views play a part, but also those views have to reflect the entire government as a whole. Recently, Massachusetts has legalized gay marriage, and Proposition Eight has been in the spotlight.

There are 9 other States that allow same sex couples to marry: Connecticut, California, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Maryland, Maine, and Washington. This to me shows that Americans are coming around to the idea of same-sex marriage.

Over the past few months same sex marriage has become a huge topic over the news, in the media, throughout government and even on social networks. But this week is a big week for the fight for gay rights. Last week the Supreme Court heard arguments for and against Proposition 8, and the Federal Defense of Marriage Act. Since then, supporters all over the US have set their Facebook Profile picture as a red and pink equals sign.

On Instagram I’ve seen many pictures with the U.S. Flag and an equals sign over it, stating that we’re all equal. Also, Jay-Z and many other music artists are beginning to speak out on their support of gay marriage. Within the next few months, we should hear much more on the controversial topic of gay marriage, and there will also be more rulings in certain states, whether it will be legalized or continue to be outlawed.

When all is said and done, I believe that lesbian and gay couples are just as human, and just as capable of being in love, and holding long-term relationships as heterosexual couples. Homosexuals should not be degraded or discriminated against just because of whom they choose to be with, they should be allowed the same benefits, medical treatment, adoption opportunities, and rights as any human being and straight person.

Marriage is a huge step between two people, two people who love each other and want nothing more than to celebrate that love, in spending the rest of their lives with their partner, whether it is a man or women. Love is Love, and in my opinion all love should be accepted and taken seriously. Sin is Sin.

Everyone sins differently, and before god we are all equal. Being a Christian, liberal women, I strongly believe that when you find your soul mate, whether it is a man or a women, you should be able to spend your life with them and join in matrimony.

Set goals for yourself and stick with them

Goals are important part of our lives, we learn to create these from elementary school, and throughout the rest of our days we’ll use them.  It’s quite baffling how many people don’t have any or haven’t quite finished setting their goals.  It’s even scary how many more don’t even follow the goals they set for themselves.

Distraction can sometimes be the one thing to lead you down on to a one-way flight of crash and burn.  The goals you set can lead you far beyond next week, although thinking of time as weeks may help achieve more accomplished goals.

One of my personal goals I set around my birthday this year was to wear more formal attire.  Each week I’ve dawned a suit, polo, or something nice and casual.  Dressing nice makes me feel a little more at ease and confident.  You should always appear to look like you care about your appearance.  First impressions go a long way and what if it’s your lucky day?  The goal of dressing formal brought along the challenge of re-learning how to tie a tie.  All year I have run around town asking others to tie my ties for me due to my terrible lost of such an important skill.  I locked myself for a week to succeed and the compliments make me feel awesome, too.

Goals are usually meant to continue even after they are achieved, such as another of my own; I have to write 15 poems and complete 4 stories.  I cannot say I am close to finishing my 4 stories, but I can say that I have a few poems ready.  As a writer, I have to challenge myself in a way where I can use my skill and actually enjoy myself as well.

Being my own worse critic, I sometimes sabotage myself and ruin my entire writing process and flow.  I come out of it once the pressure builds and standing back sometime later reflecting on my accomplished work.  It can sometimes seem kind of eerie to my how different I can be from one piece of writing to the next, yet find the trails of myself that connect the two together.

A professor once told me that goals should come with deadlines even if no one is pushing them, it help strengthen self discipline and open the door to higher grades.  The deadline of my goals vary, but deadlines have always kind of scared and empowered me too.  The stress makes me want to apply myself as efficient and fast as possible; stress to show I can shine.

Goals should have the breathing room to be free and think but also make you want to accomplish more.  Not every goal we set out to complete will be done, but experience will provide the results to accomplishing today’s goals, tomorrows, and maybe even the next days.

The best way to make sure each get accomplished is to write them down, follow your deadline, and adjust your goals to what’s happening.  Before you know it you too can be a goal oriented person.

Our View: Easter: the world’s most interesting holiday

What do magic hopping bunnies, colored eggs, baskets full of candy, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ all have in common? They all are parts of the interesting version of Easter that we celebrate in America.

When it boils down to it, it really makes no sense how eggs and candy really relate to the resurrection of a key Christian figure. However, we are not going to be the people who tell you to “remember the true meaning of the holiday.” That is far too cliché and in reality, who are we to tell you how to celebrate?

If you are a Christian and a strong advocate of celebrating Easter (which is in fact a Christian holiday) in the true Christian way, by remembering its actual significance and meaning to the Christian religion, then go ahead and do that. Easter would not exist if it were not for the resurrection of Jesus Christ, so remembering and celebrating this happening is warranted in the utmost of ways.

It may even be useful for you to remind others of the true meaning of Easter if you feel so inclined. Still remember that some people do not have the same set of beliefs as you, and although they are participating in your “religious holiday,” they are almost forced to do so by societal norms, perpetuated by a government that promotes Christianity at all costs, and a market economy looking to make a buck in any way it can.

Yet, there are other ways to celebrate Easter. For those of you who maybe are a part of a different religion, or are not religious at all, Easter can still be a great holiday to partake in however you want to.

The first way you could potentially enjoy Easter is by embracing the seemingly meaningless traditions that Easter has to offer. If someone told me that I could take an entire day to eat candy and search for colored Easter eggs, I would accept immediately and not ask questions. Traditions such as these allow kids to be kids and it gives a portal for adults to be young again.  There is no better experience for a grown person than to have an Easter egg hunt at the age of 30. In the bustling crazy lives that many of us Americans face, it is beneficial to have a day off in which we can forget our responsibilities and remember what it was like to be young and carefree.

Yet, there are even better reasons for celebrating Easter in a non-secular way. Although messing around with all of the silly traditions can be a blast, the sense of family that Easter can bring about can be truly awarding. In any kind of family, something as simple as having a sit down dinner with relatives and friends can be a great time to catch up and build further bonds. Even gathering for a few hours to just sit down and enjoy a quiet Sunday can make all the difference in family ties and is something that all families should remember to do once in a while, and what better time than Easter?

When it comes down to it, Easter and the traditions that it carries with it, is really quite an odd holiday. Although the majority of our religious holidays are often corrupted by these traditions (that usually are stemmed from making money), everyone must remember that these holidays are still religiously significant to others, and respect this. Yet, while holding this respect, please feel free to celebrate Easter the way that you want to. Go to church, stuff your face with jellybeans, do whatever makes you happy on this special day, but don’t get too wild, the Easter Bunny is watching.

Not so social media

Teens all over the world spend late nights procrastinating, with their eyes glued to the screens of their PCs, laptops, and new high tech electronics, while connecting with their peers.  After entering the social world it becomes somewhat addicting, whether you’re posting statuses, uploading photos, tweeting, snap chatting, or watching funny videos.

Social networking has become a part of life in the 21st Century. Human beings have been communicating for years, but over the decades, and through newfound technology, the way we communicate has drastically changed for the better. Social networking has now become a cultural phenomenon, but some scientists say that social networks are ruining the public communication skills of humans, and a distraction to college students in America.

In the early years we began communicating only through face-to-face conversation, emails, and even before that, messenger pigeons, telegrams, etc. Now in the 21st century we have social networks to thank. Networking sites not only took over the lives of teens, but also are vastly taking over the social world as a whole.

All ages, beliefs, and genders, almost everyone is using them. 82% of people starting at age 15 have at least one social networking page, one in every three adults uses a social network, and one in every fie minutes spent on the internet is used on a site such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, according to

Using social networks not only allows teens to share interests, hobbies, and beliefs, social networking is much more. It allows adults to reconnect with their past by finding old friends, it enables you to contact family members that you may not have seen in a while, and may open up doors for you in the business world.

However, it has become a detour for college students to avoid personal contact with professors and campus peers, which is a key for success.

Without social networking I believe that life would be a lot different. Social networking has really helped me keep up to date with what is going on around me and around the world. I believe that in order to stay involved and updated you have to use some sort of social networking site in this generation. You can easily go on the Internet and look things up and watch the news, but social networking really allows you to get down to the specifics of a story.

So many things happen on social networking sites that most people are attracted to. Who doesn’t want to know what is going on in the world, in politics, or the newest fashions? But overall I do agree with the fact that social networking has its down sides.

It’s crazy to me that social websites were made to stay in tune to what is happening around us but also affects how much we pay attention to what’s going on around us. Often we find ourselves constantly checking our social sites while doing homework, studying, or even sitting in class.

According to, students who have more than one social networking site earn grades 20 percent lower than those who do not. Another problem is that we are constantly on our phones or checking our social networks instead of being fully present on the task we’re engaging in, such as driving, or even a simple family dinner.

The biggest problem is the fact that it is a distraction. At times, I find myself wasting time that I have on social networks rather than doing my homework in a timely fashion. I’ve also noticed that I read less and don’t engage in as much conversation around me because I’m constantly on my phone.

So students, I’ve come up with a plan in efforts to reconnect with my family and my peers and pay more attention to the world around me; I’ve decided to use less social networking. It could actually be quite refreshing. Are you up for the challenge?

Students stress over spring semester

With only approximately five weeks of the spring semester left, anticipation of the upcoming summer holiday is hanging in the air, to say the least.

Not only is anticipation hanging in the air, but feelings of stress, havoc, and panic are lingering as well. The semester is winding down and for most students, I believe that it is safe to say that it’s crunch-time.

The end of the spring semester can mean many different things, depending on what kind of student you are. If you are a senior, these last few weeks are the last few weeks before you move on to higher education or make the leap to the real world. If you are a freshman, these last few weeks are the ending of a school year full of change and transition. If you are a student who is planning on transferring, these last few weeks are the ending to your story here at Adrian College. And, for mostly everyone in between, these last few weeks are last weeks of stress before the anticipated summer vacation.

Whomever you are, and whatever these last few weeks mean to you, they end up meaning the same thing to everyone, stress. And for mostly everyone, it means stressing about what is to come, the end.

There is something scary about something that is so definite. To me, the end of the spring semester is something that is extremely definite. When the semester ends, and your grades are sitting there in front of you, it is the definite product of what you have done with your year. I, for one, would like to do everything I can to make my final product as pleasing as possible. Therefore, these last few weeks are weeks of utmost importance.

Obviously if you have been working hard throughout the year, that will show in your final grades. However, it’s always good to give it 130% when you hit the last leg of the race. That is what I feel most college students do.

When you get to this point of the spring semester, students get hit with the realization that it is, in fact, almost over, and that I guess it’s really time to buckle down and give it my all, so I can come out better in the end.

Unfortunately, doing this puts a lot of pressure and stress on students. Walking around campus, it’s not the same happy-go-lucky environment, as it was throughout the first semester. Everyone is extremely high strung and, to put it simply, relatively unpleasant.

I understand that students want to really apply themselves and try to raise their grades as much as possible. I, too, am one of these students. But what we all need to realize, myself included, is that what’s done is done.

At this point, we can only give it our all and hope for the best. I do believe that it is crunch-time and it is important that we give 130%. But, there is no point stressing over it.

Stress is not going to change the end product. I say, give it your all, give it more than your all, but don’t stress, it is really not worth it. Stressing can only hurt you at this point. Now is not the time to stress; it is the time to apply yourself, distraction free.

Abroad travels can be truly enlightening

The world doesn’t end here on campus here at Adrian College, nor does the world of learning. There will be those who throw their caps in May, go off to new adventures, and begin living their dreams.  Until that time comes for the rest of us, we have to make the best of what we have.  What do we have? The world.

We’ve heard as children how, “we are the future,” and that, ”the world is ours for the taking.”  Did you ever really think of getting out there in the world?  Not just the other side of the United States, but other countries themselves.

Studying Abroad can take you places you probably only dreamt of or seen on television. I have been blessed enough to travel outside our borders and I have seen other cultures full of their own beauties and treasures. I wasn’t able to study abroad because I was in the Army.

I was able to see Germany at the age of 12 and had my mind blown by the differences in our countries.  Just trying to get something to eat off post was a struggle in the beginning.  Although I was taking a German class to learn the language, no one in my home spoke it at all, and I found it hard to remember something so different than I had ever known. I spoke with my German teacher about my problem and he informed me it would be wise of me to make friends with the local nationals (German Residents) because they use the language everyday and it’d help me build my vocabulary.

Although I received some of the greatest advice anyone could have given my 12 year old mind, I didn’t really get to use the advice until I was 19 and working for good ol’ Uncle Sam myself in the Air Force.

Uncle Sam was gracious enough to send me back to Germany for my second run, and this time I was determined to adapt to the culture.  My first day back in Germany happened to be a weekend, and my passion to learn burned brighter than the sun.

I was told of a spot where Americans gathered. I booked the first cab I could catch and got out two blocks away to find people.  I found foods I couldn’t describe as a child, saw so many outdoor cafe’s, and the crazy part was, even in the most crowded spots, people were still quiet.  People seemed glued to the televisions around the area that broadcasted a local game of soccer. After meeting a few locals I had my first awesome weekend.

It would be another few weeks before I noticed I begun to use German in my everyday world. As I adjusted to my new work place, new environments, and met the Germans who worked alongside us I saw myself fall in love with the German culture.  I became overly excited about getting up early and going to the bakery to practice my new skill.  Before I knew it I was back home in the good old U.S.A. and missing a lot of the things I had come to love.

Studying Abroad could bring it all back, Germany being only 1 of over 20 different countries studying abroad offers.  We all need a change of pace sometimes, and new experiences can leave a lasting impact for years to come.  So if you find yourself wondering about a whole new world, maybe studying abroad could be your thing.

Our View: Titanic 2 marketed towards affluent cruisers

When a large cruise liner ship crashes, causes the deaths of roughly 1,500 people, and strikes fear into the heart of potential cruisers everywhere around the world, what is the next step? To build an exact replica, of course!

If you could not deduce what I was speaking of in the paragraph above, the Titanic is being reconstructed by an Australian billionaire named Clive Palmer. This project, referred to as the Titanic 2, will take passengers on a voyage and route that mocks the original Titanic’s.

The ships exterior and interior is going to coincide with the style that the original Titanic had, including things such as an old fashioned smoke room.  It is supposed to bring people back in time and give them a historical experience. Yet, is it distasteful and rude to celebrate something that killed so many people and caused so much hardship?

It would depend who you ask, I would argue. By rebuilding the Titanic and traveling the same route, Palmer is messing with fate. It almost seems like it is bad Karma to be doing something like this, like you are asking for a disaster by going on this cruise. It could even be argued that this is a way of scoffing at those who died; it is kind of a slap in the face by traveling the same route as them, but doing it successfully.

On the other hand, it could be a very rewarding experience. A lot of people lived through this experience or were just the recipients of the stories of this iconic disaster, and would love to experience what the people on the actual Titanic experienced (minus the crash).  It would be really interesting for many history buffs and those who are fascinated with this story in general to have this opportunity.

Yet, this opportunity is very likely only going to be available to the upper class. Cruise ships are not a cheap investment. They are multi million dollar projects that cost even more to maintain throughout the years. Also, for Palmer to be able to compete with the larger cruise lines, he is going to have to have a pretty steep price for such a niche cruising experience.

The fact that the middle and lower class people likely do not have much of a chance of cruising on this ship is disappointing overall, but it makes sense economically. He needs to do whatever is necessary in order to make a profit, and although demand may indeed by high due to its exclusivity, the limited space on the ship will make it so that he has to have a pretty high base price, and the price for accommodations and extras will likely be high as well.

Whether you think this is a good idea or not, the Titanic 2 is truly a fascinating product that reveals a lot about our society. It shows how invested we are into certain iconic events, and how they can influence people to the point where they will spend heavily to relive the experiences, even if they were devastating to begin with.  So if you are a history buff with a heavy wallet, and you are on good terms with fate, the Titanic 2 just may be the right cruise ship for you, just bring a swimsuit and inflatable life boat with you in case!

Drinking debauchery

Whether you are a bachelor who is soon to be married who’s hanging with the guys for the last time without any rules, a college student looking forward to thirsty Thursday, or a follower of God sitting in a pew at Sunday morning mass, drinking is all around us, it is quickly becoming a very large part of our culture here in America.

These days it seems that every restaurant has an alcohol menu, every convenient store has LIQUOR HERE in bright lights on the front of the building and every super bowl commercial has to do with an ice-cold beer.

In America we have adapted alcohol into our culture by doing simple things, like having super bowl parties, tailgates, New Year’s Eve gatherings, and even family reunions; really any sort of “celebration” is an excuse to drink. Although not all Americans choose to drink, more importantly all Americans are not allowed to drink, except those over 21 of course.

A new subject that has come up recently other than the legalization for the recreational use of marijuana, is the drinking age.  Some argue that as a legal adult, in all states, you should be able to partake in the consumption of alcoholic beverages, at least with a legal guardian present. At 18 years old, you’re allowed to purchase cigarettes, Black&Mild’s, buy a lottery ticket, drive past midnight, vote in presidential and local elections, sign up for the armed forces and are even expected to make the life changing decision on what college you should attend, yet you’re not allowed to drink?

Those who are against lowering the drinking age argue that the consumption of alcohol is already bad enough in high schools and colleges, and it may get worse if the drinking age is lowered to 18.

Although there are many valid arguments for both sides, I personally would have to oppose to the lowering of the current drinking age to 18, or even to match Canada’s. I do not feel that teens need to be consuming alcohol at such a young age, primarily because I don’t feel that a majority of teens are capable of following the rules. By rules I mean, not drinking and driving, not being publically intoxicated, etc. I do not feel that most teens will be able to make mature and responsible decisions while under the influence basically because most teens probably don’t even know their limit.

I am from Port Huron, which is about five minutes from Canada. Before it was required to have a special license or passport to go over to Canada, many of the teens from my local town would go over to Canada for their 19th birthday or even get fake IDs in order to drink while in Canada. Unfortunately, we also had a lot of fatalities and injuries because of this.

Teens would attempt to drive back over the border to Port Huron while intoxicated. This is a prime example to why I do not think 18 and 19 year olds can handle being able to drink at an earlier age. While I am aware that under-age drinking happens, I’m not sure the number of underage drinking would drop any if the drinking age were to be lowered; I honestly think younger kids would begin drinking. If the approximate age of underage drinking now is 15-20, I think it would change from 12-18.

I strongly disagree that the drinking age should be lowered, no matter what the cause, occasion or argument, the amount of drinking that happens in high schools and colleges right now is disturbing, and I don’t think that teens should be given permission to drink when they should be focused on their school work, and or athletics; there are many ways to have innocent fun and not have to drink and partake in other drugs.

Curfews prove to cause more raucous

It is needless to say that St. Patrick’s Day weekend was quite an interesting weekend, here at Adrian College. The several surrounding  streets lining the AC campus were filled with green, the students cheerfully stumbled throughout campus, and oddities, such as a fire truck filled with fraternity members, seemed not all that odd. I expected many of these things when envisioning St. Patrick’s Day on a college campus. However, what I did not envision, was a curfew.

Friday morning I, as well as all other AC students, received an email from the dean of students. This email cautioned students about smart choices for the weekend and also reminded us to be as courteous as possible, while partaking in the weekend’s festivities.

But the real kicker, at the very end of the email, read, “We ask that everyone be indoors by 10 PM Sunday evening.” That came as quite a surprise to me. It did not come as a surprise to me that the college would try to set up rules and regulations for this weekend to ensure students’ safety; I was surprised by this particular rule.

Personally, seeing this first hand, it is most logical to me that if a curfew was set, then students would try to work in as many shenanigans as possible before the clock strikes twelve and their beer bong turns into a pumpkin. Because of my logic, I found it very hard to believe that they set forth this rule. In my opinion, it did not prevent shenanigans from happening. In fact, it did quite the opposite.

On St. Patrick’s Day students woke up as early as 5:30 AM, some didn’t even bother to go to bed. These students were not up trying to get an early workout in or cram for an upcoming test. No, no. These students were frolicking around campus, causing havoc, and following true St. Patrick’s Day traditions. They woke up so incredibly early to get a head start.

During a holiday where many students celebrate by binge drinking, giving them time constraints could be potentially deadly.
There was a 10 PM curfew, after all. I believe that this 10 PM curfew did not sway students from going out at night; it really only made them start earlier and go longer, completely defeating the purpose of the curfew in the first place.

On St. Patrick’s Day, I do not believe that you can stop students from celebrating and carrying out shenanigans. I believe setting curfews is like giving college students a challenge. And this St. Patrick’s Day, the students of AC said, “Challenge accepted.” If you tell someone that they cannot do something, especially when that someone is a college student, there is a good chance that they will test the waters. And this year, that proved to be the case.

I believe the most a college can do is caution and educate their students on the dangers of risky behavior. Only then, can the college trust in their students and hope that they make smart choices.