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March is getting Mad

Can you hear those sounds? The loud screams, the squeak of sneakers on the gym floor. That’s right, it is March Madness time! Although I am very excited for the tournament to begin, there are many problems that have to be addressed with the selection of the teams this year.

I first have to make a comment on the field expanding from 65 to 68 teams. There were also discussions of possibly expanding the tournament to 96 teams! This is not only unnecessary, but just a stunt to make television companies more money.  When something isn’t broke, don’t fix it, and this is the case with the NCAA college basketball championship. Adding three more teams to the tournament has no point whatsoever, except to get more teams into the tournament.  This is only effective if the teams that are selected to make the tournament truly deserve to be there. However in this years’ selection, that clearly did not happen.

There are two types of bids into the NCAA college basketball tournament, conference bids and at large bids. Conference bids are automatic bids into the tournament based on either winning the conference or winning the conference tournament at the end of the year. The problem I have with automatic conference bids is that weak, small conference teams are allowed into an elite tournament in which they have no business of participating in.  For instance, if you take a look at Arkansas Little Rock, winners of the Big Sun conference tournament championship, it is obvious that they should not be a part of March Madness.  They are 19-16 and have not beaten a power conference or really any team with credibility all year. My suggestion would be to get rid of automatic bids completely, yet still allow small conference teams to play their way into the tournament by beating quality teams and having impressive records.

Seeing as there is no current solution for these automatic bids, it is assumed that the tournament committee would have the at large bids given to deserving teams. Yet surprisingly, this did not happen. There were some teams who were given at large bids that clearly had no business making the tournament this year.  The first team that clearly did not deserve an at large bid would be the University of Alabama Birmingham. Although their record at 22-8 looks impressive on paper, their schedule was weak to say the least. They have the 79th best strength of schedule, and are 1-4 against the top 50 teams in the nation.

The most disappointing at large bid had to be Michigan State.  I knew from the beginning of the year that if Michigan State won half of their games, they would make the tournament. This is not because they are deserving, but because they are MSU. MSU was 19-14 this year, a record that is not deserving of a tournament bid.  In their defense, though, 13 of their losses were to tournament teams. This proved time and time again that they were not an elite team, losing to average teams such as Penn State (twice) and Iowa. When it came down to beating elite teams, Michigan State struggled, getting beaten by Duke, Connecticut, Syracuse, and Texas.  It seems like the only “good” teams that Michigan State was able to beat were teams in the Big Ten. The only ranked team they were able to defeat outside of their conference was Washington. I applaud Michigan State for having a tough schedule, but the bottom line is, if you don’t win against the best teams, you shouldn’t be in the tournament.

Automatic bids and undeserving at large bids (like Michigan State and UAB), take away other teams chances of making the tournament.  These teams who are left out are commonly referred to as “tournament snubs”.  Among these snubs this year include teams such as Alabama.  Alabama had an impressive record of 21-11, but were left out of the tournament due to the weakness of their conference, the SEC.  However, the Crimson Tide were able to defeat tournament teams such as Tennessee, Georgia, and Kentucky.  It does not make sense how a team like UAB, with almost no quality wins made it into the tournament over Alabama, and teams such as Michigan State, who had three more losses than Alabama, made it over them as well.  Alabama now has four seniors who have missed their final chance of winning the national championship, because of poor selections by the tournament committee.

With all of this being said, I am still excited about the tournament and have some advice to those of you who are filling out their brackets.  My advice is to favor the Big East over any other conference, and not to have Big Ten teams run too deeply (except for Ohio State). Also, be weary of the weaker ACC and Big 12 teams, along with the smaller conference teams, such as San Diego State and BYU (who just lost their second best player).  The four teams that I feel have the best shot at winning the tournament include: Ohio State, Duke, Connecticut, and Notre Dame.  All of these teams are playing well towards the end of the year, which is the key to winning it all.

So although the selection committee may have placed some undeserving teams into the tourney and left out some that should have made it, there is nothing left to do but fill your brackets out and watch some college basketball.  Just grab a cold drink, fix your favorite finger food, recline in your comfy chair, and watch the best tournament in sports.


Letter To The Editor 3/17/2011

Where did our morals go? Do you recognize right and wrong, or does anything fly? What do we, as a college, base our morals off of? In the Adrian College mission statement, we define ourselves as being a part of the United Methodist tradition; therefore, our morals and actions should be in accordance to this tradition. Also, we are “committed to the pursuit of truth.” This truth is biblical and is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Adrian College Conservatives are convinced that the level of morality is declining quickly, due to lack of personal integrity in personal decision making. During past semesters here numerous distasteful activities that, while being protected by freedom of speech, are morally wrong nonetheless. Some of these activities include the “Pure Romance” party, sponsored by the Safe Place, Safe Sex bingo, Health Center accessibility to condoms, and the explicit display of T-shirts in the student center during Domestic Violence Awareness week.

A Pure Romance party is an adult sex toy party, giving people the opportunity to gather, discuss, and learn about sex, sexual encounters, and products to purchase such as lubes, vibrators, c-rings, dildos, edible lotions, etc… (taken directly from These parties in and of themselves are not morally wrong if attended by the right crowd; people in monogamous, married relationships. It is highly unlikely that anyone attending the up and coming Safe Place sponsored Pure Romance party fits this description. The Safe Place is not the first organization on campus to sponsor such events.   Sticking to our roots in the United Methodist tradition, one should recall Hebrews 13:4, which says, “Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous.”  While on the topic of sex, Adrian College has no business giving out free condoms at events such as Safe Sex bingo or at the Adrian College Health Center; they should preach abstinence.

When asked who is funding the Safe Place Pure Romance party, no answer was given. Also, the question was asked of the College World staff, “Do you see a moral objection to printing an article about a sex toy party?” The response was that it is the writer’s prerogative to print what they feel is necessary. Yes, it is each person’s prerogative, but does this make it morally right? Perhaps if some self-examination takes place, we can see that there is a lack of and need for personal integrity and self-accountability.

No one supports domestic violence. However, the display in the Caine Student Center during domestic violence awareness week was wrong on many levels. Raising awareness could have been done in a much more effective and tactful way. The T-shirts were not only offensive and graphic, but gave Adrian College a terrible image to prospective students and parents, while completely nullifying the good intentions of raising awareness of domestic issues.

The Adrian College Conservatives have made it our prerogative to raise awareness of the lack of morality and dignity on our campus. Perhaps we should get back to our roots of the United Methodist tradition and maintain our pursuit of truth. This will come by working together, but moreover needs to become a personal priority. The solution to this moral dilemma is not the Adrian College Conservatives, but rather, the right decisions made by individuals.

Zack Ritchie


Our View: Celebrate wisely on St. Patrick’s day

Tomorrow marks what is undoubtedly one of the most popular holidays in America, particularly for college age citizens.  Tomorrow, March 17, marks the celebration of Saint Patrick, the most well known patron Saint of Ireland.

Saint Patrick was born sometime in the 4th century, somewhere in the then Roman controlled British Isles. As a young man he was enslaved and taken to the Irish coast. After claiming to receive a vision from God he escaped and fled home to begin studying to become a Priest.

Years later he returned to Ireland as a missionary to convert the pagan Irish. It was during this time that the tradition of associating Saint Patrick with shamrocks originated. As the legend goes Saint Patrick would explain the Holy Trinity by using the three leaves of a shamrock.

Oddly enough, the first official parade of celebration held in honor of St. Patrick’s Day was held, not in Ireland, but in Boston in 1737. Irish Immigrants marched, not in celebration as we know it today, but in protest. For many years, in fact, St. Patrick’s Day was used as a day to protest political and social inequality here in the United States.

Of course, as we all know, this is no longer the truth. St. Patrick’s Day has become, for many young adults, the largest day of celebration during the year. It is the largest day for the consumption of alcohol in the United States. Bars and restaurants also posted some of there largest profits.

Many cities celebrate the day by paintings streets green, as green is the color most commonly associated with Saint Patrick. Many cities even go so far as to dye waterways green, with Chicago’s dying of its river being the most famous. Many Universities dye the water in their fountains green as well. Parades are also extremely popular, with over 20 majors cities holding them.

There are, of course, many problems with the day of the largest alcohol consumption. Many cities, especially college towns, face large-scale problems due to inebriated masses. Large unruly crowds can often lead to violence, assault, and destruction of property.

Thankfully, we lack the student population to truly get out of hand. However, this does not mean that this gives us an excuse to be out of control. Tomorrow is not an anything goes kind of day. It is a Thursday at a school. It is a day when we have classes to attend. Do not make the poor choice of attending those classes inebriated.

Most importantly, do not make the poor choice of harassing or arguing with Campus Safety Officers. It is not their job to allow us to do whatever we want and get away with it. It is their job to police us, often times for our own good. Do not ruin the already strenuous relationship with Campus Safety by being disrespectful tomorrow.

Still, tomorrow is a Catholic Holiday of Feasting and celebration, even though much of its religious tone has fallen away. Enjoy the day, particularly since it is supposed to be very nice outside tomorrow. Enjoy time with your friends, grill outside, and, if you are of legal age and so inclined, enjoy an alcoholic drink or two. But, most importantly, don’t forget to wear your green.


Commentary: Never forget that love is all you need

Jewelry, chocolate, stuffed bears and corny Hallmark cards are all typical gifts that you
may have given or received this Valentine’s Day. All of these materials we buy, due to
our heavily based consumer economy, take away from the real point out of Valentine’s
Day. To have each other.
In the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, you can see mass amounts of procrastinating
men and women rushing around stores to get the ideal Valentine’s Day gift for their
special someone. Whether it is the 30 dollar stuffed bear that can’t even fit in a dorm
room, or the 25 dollar box of chocolates (which must be made out of solid gold or
something), people are always trying to overspend to impress. Some people are so
concerned with the gifts that they are giving and receiving, that they forget to just relax
and have fun celebrating human relationships.
Your spouse, fiancé, girlfriend, or boyfriend may indeed be the kind of person that loves
gifts more than you, and if you find yourself in that situation, I would suggest a break up
in the near future. Yet, for those of you who truly are in a loving relationship, the main
thing your significant other should care about is spending quality time with you. There
are plenty of inexpensive nights that can be enjoyed on Valentine’s Day. Something like
making dinner and renting a movie would suffice. You do not need to empty your wallet
to enjoy Valentine’s Day, and someone who truly loves you would expect nothing but
your unconditional love and time.
For those of you who are mad at the world because they are single and have ‘no one’,
you need to rethink a few basic principles. Just because you are not in a relationship does
not mean that you have no one to cherish and spend this holiday with. Suck it up and
hang out with your single friends instead of spending all day sitting on Facebook, posting
depressing statuses about how no one loves you. No one cares, and no perfect man or
woman is going to run over to your room and sweep you off of your feet because you are
so sad for yourself. Just get out there and spend some time with those that do care about
you, your friends.
For those of you that may not have any friends, family is always an option. If you find
yourself without a significant other next Valentine’s Day, go visit a family member that
you may not see that often, or spend some time with your mother or father (if you can pry
them off of one another). Family members are usually ecstatic to see you, so give them a
little gift of your presence.
So next Valentine’s Day, put your wallet away, get rid of your watches and cell phones
and just spend some quality time with the one you love, or your friends and family.
For those of you that want to feel sorry for yourselves all day, just don’t spread your
negativity to the rest of us who try to make the most out of this holiday.

Commentary: Solutions to Life’s problems

With valentines day over, and all the heart-shaped boxes formerly home to
chocolates and other tasty treats all thrown into the garbage, and the cold muddy
month of February winds to a close, there always seems to be a spike in conflicts.
With these quick and easy tips, you can avoid, defuse, or even solve any conflicts you
can get tangled up in.
Most people, about 99% of them, always believe that they are in the right, and that
it is completely the fault of the other party involved. This is because people justify
their own actions, and for some reason tend to think they are somehow an exception
to being civil.
This brings us to solution 1; if you have a disagreement with someone, whether it
be your neighbor plays music too loud, or your friend took something that is yours
without asking, talk to them. Try to get dialogue going, so that you can come to
a civil compromise. This is the easiest way for both of you to get what you want
without bringing in all the resentment brought on by being childish and brash.
Sometimes the other person is too immature to come to an understanding, or even
agree to talk, and that’s always a possibility. The main thing you should always do is
remain respectful, as it will get you further than you think.
If an issue is brought up to you about how something that you said or did gave
grief to someone, then follow solution 2; accept the responsibility of your actions,
and apologize if necessary. To err is human, to play the victim is childish and, quite
frankly, one of the most odious traits that a person could have. If a relationship
sinks, and both parties both want to stay friends, one of the best things to do is to
not talk to the other person. It will cause problems if you outright talk to someone
you just had an intimate relationship with.
That being said, if you do begin to talk down the line, keep it simple friend talk, don’t
bring the past problems up again, it will just reopen old wounds. Leave the past
in the past where it belongs; move on, and let it come naturally with the break-up
Just be wary of their intentions, and if being friends will work superficially, then just
roll with it if you are both ready for it. It is possible to do, but really difficult, and
often the worst part about relationships is that can do lose your best friend that you
gave a part of yourself to.
Unfortunately this does happen, and it does suck, and often times you can’t avoid
that eventuality, so it’s best to stay away from each other to avoid more trouble.
Another thing along those lines, exs are exs for a reason, there is that feeling of
belonging or ownership that lingers and it always leads to trouble, whether it be
jealousy after the fact, a need to control them further or residual feelings that turn to
daggers when you see them with another person.
The solution? Relax, think to yourself that it won’t work out between us, it’s not my
issue any more and do yourself a favor and move on.
Above all things, just remember, keep a level head, be civil, be respectful and, as
always, be responsible.

Our View: Respect Egypt’s new government

As many of you may be aware, there are currently several revolutions occurring in
the Arab World, the most prominent of which has been occurring in Egypt. The pro
western regime that has lasted for the last three decades has been removed from
power by the will of the people, and a new government is taking shape. This is most
likely not great news for the United States of America, as the new government will
probably has a far less Western positive mentality.
We have to except that fact, and refrain from interfering.
It may worry many people that we have lost one of our more prominent allies in
a region that does not have the highest opinion of us, and this is not exactly an
unfounded fear.
However, that, by no means, gives us any right whatsoever to interfere, or try to
influence, with what is happening in Egypt, or any other country. Each nation on
Earth has the right to decide how it will govern itself, and we must respect that.
We advocate the right of the people to choose their government, and the people of
Egypt have chosen, and they chose a government that many of us would disagree
with. Allowing this to happen is a hard pill to swallow, but it is something we must
Now, do not misconstrue this as an avocation for isolation. Ignoring what is
happening in the Middle East would be foolish. We need to follow the news and be
as aware of what is happening in our world as possible. Ignorance is the greatest
flaw we can have.
Now, nor does this mean we should refuse humanitarian aid. There has been quite a
lot of damage done to the country, and many people have been hurt or injured. The
United States, as a member of the United Nations, should be ready and willing to
provide whatever aid is necessary. When one country in the world is hurt, we have a
humanitarian responsibility to help and do whatever we can to help.
There is a fine balance to be sought interventionism and isolationism. We need to be
aware of the world around us. But, at the same time, we need to respect a people’s
decisions on how to govern themselves.
We may not like the decision that other countries make. It may not be the best
decision for us. But, for them, it is what they believe to be the best possible path for
their nation.
And, who knows. This may be the best thing to happen to the Middle East in Years.
Perhaps this will lead to better relationships between Arab nations and the west,
or between Arab Nations and Israel. We can never know what the future may hold.
This revolution may be the best thing that could have happened. We just have to
stay alert, respectful and, at all times, as hopeful for the best as is possible. If we
refrain from interfering in Egypt, who knows what good could come from it?

Commentary: Music’s new D.R.U.G

On February 22, 2011, a new precedent in musical history will occur: the first album
release from a band named Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows (abbreviated as D.R.U.G.S.). The
significance of this first is that never has a band been the complete formulation of musicians who
have been “fired” from their previous bands. While the term “fired” denotes a negative
connotation to these musicians, the drive that the members of D.R.U.G.S. have attained because
of their final experiences in their respective bands has allowed them to write much fulfilled and
emotionally fueled music for their debut album.
Craig Owens first thought of the conception of the band. Owens was the former singer of the
successful local Michigan band Chiodos, Owens gained many connections and friends in the
musical realm. Upon being “let go” by Chiodos, Owens turned to these connections to help him
cope with the loss of his job and lifestyle.
It wasn’t shortly after his removal that he and few and others pitched the idea to recruit other
musicians in similar situations and create a musical group with a background never done before;
thus the idea was born.
The members of the band include drummer Aaron Stern from Matchbook Romance, guitarist/
vocalist Nick Martin from Underminded, guitarist/vocalist Matt Good from From First to Last,
bassist Adam Russel from Story of the Year, and Owens as lead vocalist.
The band’s first album is self-titled as “Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows.” Of the songs
released, the band showcases their ability to harmonize the unique vocal sound with impressive
instrumentation. Some of the songs released at this point are “My Swagger has a First
Name,” “If You Think This Song Is About You, It Probably Is,” and “Sex Life.”
The Band is currently touring the United States, and has two performances in Michigan in mid-
April. They are also in the process of filming music videos for each of the 11 songs on their soon-
to-be release album. Each music video short is set to show the black humor personality of the
band; for example, the video set to the song “Sex Life” is a visual narrative of a woman
poisoning her significant other through the use of a freshly baked cake. The video to the
song “Stop Reading, Start Doing Pushup” shows anonymous characters dressed in typical farm
animal masks creating graffiti tags of their representative animal throughout an a city in winter.
These short videos act as visual representations of the uniqueness and characteristics of the
members who formed the band, and their want to be a different experience than their former
bands and other bands in the genre.
If you like the post-hardcore, screamo genre of music, then make sure to check out D.R.U.G.S.
The websites affiliated with the band include their own site,, Facebook and
Twitter pages, and each of the individual’s respective Facebook and Twitter pages.

Our View: Enjoy your day with your loved ones

Next Monday marks what is, for most people, the single most romantic day of the year; the celebration of Saint Valentines Day. The day when couples all across America celebrate and rejoice in the love that they have found for each other.

People all across America will be sending flowers, hearts, and candies. Romantic candles lit dinner, picnics, all kinds of acts of love will be taking place. Cupid, the mythical character associated with the day, will be worshipped in different ways the world over.

But, why do we celebrate this day? Where does it come from?

Obviously, Saint Valentine is the patron Saint of the holiday. But who was he?

The myth that many of us heard growing up was that Valentine was a Christian who was being persecuted by the Roman Empire. When the Roman Emperor imprisoned him for his heretic beliefs he continued his defiance by marrying his fellow persecuted Christians through the bars of his jail cell windows. Some legends also tell of the miracles he worked on his fellow inmates and jailers. Specifically, legends say that he healed the blind daughter of his jailer.

Unsurprisingly, the actual patron Saints (there are actually two of them) have little with either that legend or romantic love itself.

In fact, many earlier Christian martyrs where named Valentine. The two to whom the holiday refers to are typically acknowledged to be Saint valentine of Rome, who was martyred some time around AD 269, and Saint Valentine of Terni who was martyred some 70 years earlier. Little is known about either man, aside from the fact that they were buried on the fourteenth of February.

So little is know about them that the Catholic Church actually removed the feast of Saint Valentine from the official Catholic Calendar due to a lack of information about the day.

That has not stopped the holiday from becoming one of the most widely celebrated days in the western hemisphere. The romantic at heart look forward to the celebration for weeks leading up to it. People who go out of their way to do something special make an impact on the lives on the partner that could be remembered for years.

Now, if you’re single, do not feel left out or lonely.  Valentines Day is not just about celebrating the love we have in our lives; it can also be about the joy of finding a new love.  Cupid may never be busier than on Valentines Day. So, singles of Adrian College, do not feel discouraged. Go out. Meet someone new and let the sparks fly.

And, to the rest of you, enjoy your day with the one you love. Be romantic and creative. Ignore the mass produced greeting cards, and put the thought and effort into your presents to make them special. Feel the love AC, feel it.

Commentary: Halftime show was barely super

I’m going to be blunt in saying I would have rather have gone hunting with Dick Cheney
on a foggy morning than watched the Super Bowl halftime show; strike that, I would
rather be locked in a room full of sharp objects with Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, and
Jack The Ripper than be subjugated to even 30 seconds of this past weekends halftime
Awful does not even begin to describe the debacle that was the Black Eyed Peas this past
Sunday. Did the show planners really think that, we the people of Earth, are tone-deaf
I’m normally not one to be at a loss for words, but here I sit struggling to even try and
convey my feelings, so I’m just going to start from the top. First things first, the Super
Bowl broadcasters blatantly lied to us when they told viewers that they had watched
rehearsal, and that we were in for a real treat. Lies, lies, lies, lies, and even more lies!
I suppose it would be plausible to say that the Black Eyed Peas fared far better in
rehearsal than during the halftime show. However, I would again say that is a lie. The
fact of the matter is they promised me Heaven’s gates opening up, and all I got was a bus
ticket to New Jersey.
The next thing want to discuss is the sound quality of the performance. I don’t know
about you, but when someone spends more than the Gross Domestic Product of
Zimbabwe on producing a show, I expect it to sound like Mother Goose herself is reading
me a nursery rhyme.
To be honest, I’m really not sure who to blame this one on, Fergie or the sound crew?
Maybe a combination of both?
Regardless, it still sounded like Fergie had been out the night before drinking straight
whiskey and smoking Marlboro Red’s like they were going out of style.
Will. I. Am. didn’t sound that bad, and neither did the other guy. By the way does
anyone even know that guys name? Or is he just like the guy at a party who stands in the
corner all night then tries to inject himself into a conversation and fails miserably?
Which brings me to my next point, Usher and Slash? Really? Slash hasn’t been relevant
since acid washed jeans, pogs, and mullets were all the rage.
As for Usher, he tries hard, but to be honest he hasn’t had a good song come out
since ‘Yeah’ back in 03.
To be fair, I will admit that they are both extremely talented artists, but I would rather
have newer, more relevant ones at the halftime show.
To me, the only positive to come from the halftime show were the light-up suits that the
extras were wearing. I would do unspeakable things to get my hands onto one of those
suits. the only things that came close to the light up suits where the box heads worn by
some of the dancers at the end of the show In fact, they’re the only reason I am giving the
halftime show and overall grade of C-.
I just hope that the halftime show planners learn from their past mistakes and put on the
show that we as a people, truly deserve.

Commentary: Current music is better than we think

Justin Bieber’s new film comes out tomorrow. Now, I’m not going to spend the rest of this article defending either him, or his music.  I’m merely mentioning him to help highlight something; the fact that people complain about the current state of music far too much. Artists such as Bieber and Miley Cyrus are often used to highlight the said state of music these days. The fact that such young, untalented, obviously produced musicians are at the top of the charts is supposedly a horrible fact that speaks to the laziness of the musicians, and the greed of the producer’s mass-producing them.

This brings me to my two main points; mass produced musicians have been around for years, and good music is still out there, people are just to lazy to go find it themselves.

Does anyone else remember the Backstreet Boys? ‘N Sync? What about LFO, or 98 degrees? It wasn’t just boy bands, either. Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Mandy Moore are just some examples of the producer created singers that were out there. Shows have even been made about the process of making these bands, specifically the originally titled Making The Band. We all watched as O-town, Da Band, and Danity Kane were all created before our eyes. And, these weren’t just throwaway artists, either. Many of them were incredibly popular.  The Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync in particular were once competing to be the most popular musical act in the entire world.

Now, I know most of those acts were from around 10 years ago. So, its still a relatively recent problem, right? And yet, if you go back farther, you still find the same problems. Does anyone else remember The New Kids On the Block? They were just as created as Bieber, and yet no one ever complains about the fact that they are still on tour.

An even better example comes in the form of Milli Vanilli. The two members of the group weren’t even actually singing, but instead merely lip-syncing. And, they won a Grammy.  A Grammy.

Now, what about thirty or forty years ago?  All of our classics come from then. Bands must have been better then. How could they not? They gave us all of our classics.

They are just that, however. Classics. They are remembered because they were so influential, so talented. Not every band putting out music was as talented as The Beatles, it’s just that the Miley Cyrus’ of the era were forgotten.

Now, there is still the problem of finding good music these days. It is just so hard to find talent musicians in today’s music world. Except, of course, for the fact that we have the entire music industry at our fingertips. Websites like Pandora and Grooveshark provide plenty of opportunities to find wonderfully talented new music. If you’re having trouble finding any on your own, I’ll give you some help. Look up bands like Gogol Bordello, Modest Mouse, The Shins, or Explosions in the Sky. If you want singers, try Paolo Nutini. Looking for hip-hop? Check out Mac Miller, Whiz Khalifa, Big Sean, or Chiddy Bang. The lists could go on and on.

Good music is out there. It might take some time to find it, but its there for our enjoyment. And, don’t worry about all of the horrible music these days. It will fade away just as it always has.