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Fort Hood shooting reveals a lack of protection for citizens

On Wednesday, April 2nd there was a deadly shooting at Fort Hood in Texas. Three people were killed and 16 were injured before the shooter, identified as Specialist Ivan Lopez, killed himself, reported Fort Hood is one of the largest posts in the world with 45,414 soldiers and 8,900 civilian employees, according to the Fort Hood website. This shooting shocked Americans and brought back horrific memories for many people as it was not too long ago in 2009 that another shooting had occurred leaving 13 dead and 32 injured. President Barack Obama was briefed on the news right away and told those at Fort Hood that he called for “his team to utilize every resource available to fully investigate the shooting,” according to

Officials stated Wednesday that the cause of the shooting was unknown at the time. Many theories came to surface that the soldier possible had behavioral and mental health issues from serving in Iraq and some even said that they would not rule out that an act of terrorism had occurred. Friday morning it was reported that the shooting might have occurred because of an altercation earlier in the week involving Ivan Lopez and other soldiers.
According to, spokesperson Chris Grey stated that some of the soldiers involved in the altercation were victims in this weeks shooting. A sister of an injured soldier claimed that Lopez was in the base’s personnel office for a form requesting military permission for time off, but was told to come back later. It is claimed that Lopez did not like the response and came back opening fire. Chris Grey said at this time they still do not have a concrete motive.

America is famous for boasting about having a large army and high-grade technology, so why is it that we cannot detect security breaches or help soldiers who may have mental health issues? America spends more money each year on our military than any one else in the world. According to the Washington Post, “the United States spends far more than any other country on defense and security. Since 2001, the base defense budget has soared from $287 billion to $530 billion.” It seems that we would be able to help our soldiers by providing therapy and help keep others safe with the technology that we have especially on a home base. It is sad that soldiers are not getting the help that they need especially after deployment. The National Institute of Mental Health found that about one in four soldiers in the army suffer from at least one psychiatric disorder and one in ten have multiple disorders. It is sad to see that our country is not helping those who serve for our country. When we are not helping our soldiers it is inevitable that suicide will be committed or that a tragic event such as this shooting will happen, then our country is shocked by these events and quick to blame the soldier who commit these acts. America needs to invest in the health and safety of our soldiers, to not only protect them, but innocent bystanders as well.

Only 4 weeks left, keep your eye on the ball, bulldogs!

It is very easy to fall into a slump as the end of the year quickly approaches. But, we’re here to tell you, “don’t do it!” As spring rolls around and the sun finds it’s way to Adrian, MI, again, I don’t blame you for wanting to throw in the towel. But why sacrifice all of your hard work for a little bit of spring fever?

An easy way to keep yourself on track is to keep the same routine. I realize that it is nice out and you may feel like mixing it up a bit, but keeping the same routine will give you the same drive and motivation that you had at the beginning of the year.

Secondly, as summer approaches, find something to get excited about. Whether you’re pumped about your summer internship or laying on the beach with your friends, just get excited! Keep your eye on summer and motivate yourself to successfully make it through the rest of the year.

Lastly, the most important aspect of beating spring fever is to stay focused on your studies and continue going to class. This is crunch time. This is not the time to give up. This is the time when you need to work your hardest. So, attending ALL of your classes is crucial and completing all of your assignments is necessary.

Don’t forget that not only is summer at the end of this long, winding tunnel but also your report card. The last thing you want is to be disappointed when you receive it. Stay focused and keep working hard. There’s only four weeks left, you can do it, bulldogs!

Young girl stands up for the fight against cancer and gets penalized

When people are going through hard times they need the love and support of friends to help them through, such actions were displayed by eleven year old Kamryn Renfro this past Wednesday in Denver, Colorado. Kamryn’s best friend, fellow eleven year old Delaney Clements has been fighting childhood cancer since the age of seven. Recent chemotherapy treatment has resulted in the loss of Delaney’s hair, which led a caring friend to take action.

Kamryn Renfro decided to shave all of her hair in support of her aiding friend, so Delaney would not feel alone in her battle. You would think such a courageous act would be commended by her fellow peers but instead Kamryn was suspended from school as the principal said she was in violation of the school dress code. Kamryn’s ban from school was short lived though as the board of directors of the Caprock Academy in Denver voted 3-1 to reinstate the young girl. What an absurd situation, first off the man who voted no in the reinstating of Kamryn Renfro, Bill Newcomer, should be ashamed with himself. This man truly has no heart, regardless of what rules are included in the dress code at the Academy; this is a young girl who has shown affection amongst her years in support of her hurting friend. This was no time to stick to the rules; an exception had to be made, the message that Mr. Newcomer sent to the other kids at the school, through his actions, was completely wrong.

The world needs more children like Kamryn; the last thing needed is to prevent kids from doing such actions. Another issue needed to bring about from this scenario is the reluctant teasing by children. Delaney was worried about being teased by her peers for her appearance; this is something that this poor young girl should be the least bit concerned about. After all she has gone through to then be bullied by closed-minded ignorant children is appalling. Thankfully she has friends like Kamryn who was able to take action and stand by her. This scenario unfortunately is not rare though, children are constantly being teased over things that they cannot control; such as illness or birth defects.

It is hard to say that children need to mature at a younger age but they need to be more conscious of what their peers are going through. Something needs to be changed in the school system; children need to develop more common sense knowledge, instead of focusing on academics all the time. People are starting to be robotic in the amount of knowledge they possess, yet they probably don’t know how to change a light bulb. The school system needs to start developing the minds of children in a broader sense. Children, such as Kamryn, should awarded, not punished.

Governor Rick Snyder is a roadblock for progress and equality

Just recently Michigan has become the eighteenth state to legalize gay marriage. Many couples rushed to get married on Saturday, the first day allowing gay marriages, in celebration of winning the long hard battle to have these rights. More than 300 couples married on the first day.

Many people in the state of Michigan, including those who are not gay, were happy to see our state take this huge step towards marriage equality. But, Governor Rick Snyder has set up yet another roadblock for gay couples. Not even a week after the more than 300 gay couples were married, Snyder announced that the state of Michigan would not recognize these marriages, creating an uproar throughout the state. These marriages are still legal but Michigan will not recognize them in terms of couples having benefits. A stay was issued by the 6th Circuit Appeals Court, creating the block for gay couples.

Governor Snyder seems to be doing everything in his power to not allow equality in our community. The state of Michigan will lose citizens to other states who allow and welcome marriage equality if Snyder continues to send the message that you can fight for what you believe in, in Michigan but we will make it hard for you and then continue to leave out other rights. The majority of American belief today is in favor of equality, so why is Snyder holding Michigan back? It certainly isn’t based on the fact that he is Republican. According to “there’s a reason why ultra-conservative Greg McNeilly, a long time adviser to Dick DeVos, was one of the first in line Saturday to marry his male partner. Marriage is an important issue for many, personally and politically.” And McNeilly is not the only conservative to support marriage equality. Nevada’s Governor Brian Sandoval has recently agreed to stop the gay marriage ban in his state.

This stay on gay marriage is a huge set back for our state. Yes gay couples can now legally get married, but not being able to have benefits will hurt our state. Michigan could have made more money from couples filing joint taxes and sharing benefits, etc. He is also using taxpayer dollars to fight this legal battle, a ridiculous idea for the governor who claims that he wants to use taxpayer dollars in the most efficient ways to help our state. Some are saying the courts will not be able to get to the issue for up to a year, looks like Snyder will have a tough time running for reelection.

Cabrera plans to make Motor City his home, after signing contract

As we know, Opening Day has just happened around the nation, stadiums of the 32 Major League Baseball teams are officially opened for business. As a Tigers fan, I am especially happy because it means the weather is finally getting warm, and we get to see some of the best players in baseball in action again. One of those guys just got a massive new contract.

I speak of course, of Miguel Cabrera, star third baseman and slugger, who was just signed to a sky high 8 year, $248 million dollar extension. If we factor in what was left on his original contract, the deal is going to cost the Tigers $292 million dollars spread out over the next decade. The deal tops the contract that Alex Rodriguez signed back in 2007 with the Yankees, which was worth $275 million. People around the nation are already slamming the Tigers for making this big of a commitment to a player who will turn 31 April 18th.  Critics are already saying that the deal will turn Miggy into the next A-Rod or Pujols type of bust. An unbelievably high amount of money that will have supposedly very little impact.

Let me get this straight for everyone: I do NOT think Miguel Cabrera will turn into a bust just because of this ludicrous deal. I think there is very little chance that Miggy will turn into a bust. The difference between Cabrera and A-Rod or Pujols is that both of those two players were already declining in talent and production when they were given their deals.

Cabrera is far from declining in talent as we enter the 2014 season. He has won back-to-back American League MVP awards the past two seasons, and won a Battling Triple Crown (leading the league in average, homers, and RBI’s in a season) in 2012. Cabrera was one of the few bright spots for the Tigers offense last offseason, when Prince Fielder was struggling, Miggy at least was trying to light a fire under the Tigers anemic offense against Boston in the ALCS.

Now that is out of the way, the question remains: Do I think the amount of money being given to Miguel Cabrera over the next decade is reasonable? I think Cabrera is worth an extension, even the type that keeps him in a Tigers uniform for the next decade. But do I think he should make $292 million over the next decade? No way, because no athlete should ever make that much money. It doesn’t matter who they are, shelling out almost $300 million for ONE player is a bad idea for any team. The team is going to be so busy paying his contract that they will almost certainly allow the rest of the team to decline in ability around him.

Do I hope this happens to the Tigers? Of course not. I have always been and will always be a Tigers fan, so I desperately hope that Dave Dombrowski and Mike Illitch will keep the team at the level that we, as Tigers fans have come to know since 2005.
I know this will annoy people, but these blockbuster contracts are the exact reason why the MLB needs a salary cap, so that teams will be forced to stop handing All-Stars these absolutely ridiculous contracts that seem to ruin teams as they run out.

Meeting with your advisor could change your future!

Monday, March 31 is the first day to register for classes. This can be a stressful day for some students because they stress about not getting the classes they want, especially if they do not get to register first.

There are many ways to cut down on the anxiety of registration and advising. They are: plan early and have a back-up plan, make sure you know your advisor and your advisor knows you, and make sure you have a goal in mind!

If you plan out your classes early enough, you won’t be running around to find another class that isn’t already full to fit into your schedule. Always save papers that you receive from Welcome Week and your advisors so you know which pre-requisite’s you have to take and which ones you have already tackled. Also, you always want to make sure that you have back-up classes in case the ones you want get taken by the upper-classmen (if you’re an under-classman). Having this back-up will take a lot of pressure off your shoulders so you’re not freaking out when you’re about to schedule.

It’s always a good idea to know who your advisor is and what department they are involved in. If you get assigned an advisor who is in a completely different area than you want to be in, it might be a good idea to switch to someone in your major. If you have time, it would also be a very good idea to stop in and introduce yourself to your advisor before advising so that they know who you are and so you are not just a name on a piece of paper. When meeting with your advisor, you need to make sure they know exactly what career path you want to pursue so they can best help tailor your schedule to you. And if you’re undecided, that’s fine too. They can certainly help to figure that out as well.

It’s important for your advisor to know what you want to pursue, but it’s most important that you know your academic and career goals as well. If you don’t, there’s no shame in that. Adrian College has a wonderful Institute for Career Planning. Stop in there and talk to them and they will really help you out. They are all very nice in there and really want to help out students.

There can be a lot of stress added to students as the semester begins to wind down and the students then have to also worry about their classes for next semester. So use these tips, and don’t sweat advising and registration!

Location of missing Malaysian Airline Flight 370 still “up in the air”

It has now been two weeks since the Malaysian Airline Flight 370 mysteriously disappeared. The large Boeing 777 was carrying 227 passengers and 12 crewmembers leaving Kuala Lumpur and heading to its destination of Beijing, China. Very few clues have been left behind to help search and rescue teams find the plane, or to help researchers piece together what could have happened or where the plane could have ended up. The last small clues that are were left behind was a conversation with the pilot and ground control ending with the pilot saying “all right, goodnight” and a possible last position given off by satellite data which also shows that the plane was already flying off course. No other definitive clues have been found and countless family members of the passengers and flight crew are still waiting to hear any kind of news.

There were some reports of spotted debris floating in the ocean that were caught by satellite pictures or search crews have either been lost before they could be recovered or they were ruled out as being parts of the plane. Weather has also been a huge factor in the long search and is making it hard to conduct long periods of searching over the ocean. China thought that they found debris via satellite pictures, a Norwegian ship reported sightings of floating objects in the ocean and most recently France is investigating satellite pictures of debris as well. Some claim that one of the pilots has a flight stimulation program in his home as has deleted some of his work, more information on that investigation is not yet available.

The majority of the passengers onboard are from Asian countries, some from Europe, Australia and some even from Canada and the United States, according to USA Today. Although it makes sense that the majority of search and rescue crews are from Asian countries and any where surrounding the most probable places that the plane could have disappeared, the United States has only sent over one plane to help find the missing flight, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The United States is known for having a large military and plenty of resources, so why is our country not offering more help in this search especially with missing American citizens? Is our country too sidetracked by problems in the Ukraine to help find our own missing citizens and help gain information to give to those families? Even though there have not been many clues or much news to give to grieving families, at least Asia and others are completely focused on finding this flight and doing whatever they can to gain more information. More man power and resources, especially technology, needs to be given to focus on finding information about this flight and especially to find answers for the grieving families that have been sitting and waiting for the past two weeks. These families deserve answers so that they may hopefully find some peace of mind instead of waiting and facing the unknown.

City Commission debates “Discrimination Prohibited” ordinance

On March 17th, a day on which, according to legend, St. Patrick drove the snakes from Ireland, I was sitting in a City Commission meeting, and the city commissioner had to withdraw a nondiscrimination ordinance, due to the need to rework the wording of the draft. This ordinance will extend the protection of the current ordinance to include protection to a lot of things, but one of the biggest is sexual orientation. The debate about this topic rages across the nation, and, I know it sounds stupid, but I had no idea that it expanded to this topic.

Let me just start off by saying that discrimination of any sort is wrong. Race, gender, height, weight, etc., it is wrong. As much as we hate that it happens, it does happen. People are discriminated against very regularly, and it sometimes happens school to school. I’ve had experiences where people go “Oh you go to a DIII school” with such a derogatory tone that it makes me mad. Usually, I go to these meetings as part of class and just sit there, take some notes and then go back to campus, bored out of my mind and wondering how any reporter could be this unlucky to get such an uninteresting topic. That night, however, was actually somewhat interesting. I will definitely not forget one speaker who got up to speak during the audience participation segment of the meeting, and I figured it wouldn’t be anything interesting. But the man blubbered through something with so much passion that until last Friday I didn’t know what the devil the man was on about.

The man was upset at the city commission for even bringing this topic to the table, because, according to him, it would infringe upon some of his religious values, and I was stunned. I know this happens a lot in this country where we say that we have a separation of church and state, but this man getting up and saying he would oppose equality because it would violate his misinterpretation of his religion made me want to either get up and leave or get up and yell at him.
This society of ours preaches equality for all, the majority of colleges and universities in our country have some sort of LGBT section or awareness group and our school is no different. I have a feeling that this man would have had no problem with the ordinance if sexual orientation was not included in the writing, but it was. How someone could be that wrong makes me shake my head for this country. We may still be the greatest in some things, but we need to advance past these petty issues and deal with the real problems facing our country as one. If not, there may not be an America for our grandchildren to call home.

Our View: Try something new, attend the spring concert!

As I’m sure we are all aware, the 2014 spring concert is only days away. The advertisements, for the concert, this year have been extensive and the email reminders have been even more extensive. But honestly, I know you are still asking yourselves the same question, “Is it worth going?”.
Before the two bands, Walk Off The Earth and Timeflies, were selected, I had not heard of either one of them. And after seeing the reaction of most of the AC students, it’s clear that most of you hadn’t either. Understandably many of you do not want to go to a concert where you know virtually none of the songs and have only just heard of the two opening bands. But, I’m here to say that you definitely should break the mold of your traditional Saturday night and go out and see what these bands have to offer.

As part of my defense, I would like to point out that many of you had probably not heard of Twenty-One Pilots, before the performed at AC, last year. Look at them now. Twenty-One Pilots is one of the most popular new bands. Secondly, the concert is free. That’s right, free. So why wouldn’t you attend something that’s absolutely free of charge? Lastly, it’s won’t be the same old Saturday night. By attending this concert you have the opportunity to try something new. And in my opinion, that’s what college is all about.  So, even though these bands might not have been your first choice for this year’s AC concert, get out there and give them a chance. They might surprise you.

“Ban Bossy” campaign is a smokescreen for celebrity publicity

The “Ban Bossy” campaign endorsed by Beyonce, Condoleezza Rice, Jennifer Garner, and Sheryl Sandberg has been spreading virally over the last week. Considered as four influential women they have joined together to get the world to stop using the word “bossy”.

This campaign is part of a feminist movement directed at people to stop referring to young girls as bossy when they take a leadership role. Over the past week, the website has been visited over 1 million times and more than 100,000 people have pledged on the website to stop using the term and have encouraged others to do the same. “Ban bossy” was also a top trend on social media giants, Twitter and Facebook, on Monday.
This campaign to me is completely ludicrous, I can see the perspective of these women but at the same time I think this is just another pointless trend. I was actually shocked to see names such as Condoleezza Rice and Sheryl Sandberg back this movement, two women who have made a substantial impact on feminism and equal rights and two women that I am sure have been referred to as “bossy” on many occasions before. These women are making the claim that girls are twice as likely as boys to worry that worry that leadership roles will make them seem “bossy”.
This is so outdated to me. Throughout my childhood, girls were constantly taking leadership roles. You see it throughout your entire elementary and high school endeavors. How many boys were left in charge of the class when the teacher stepped out of the room? How many girls were class president? How many girls were named valedictorian? I bet if you answer these questions you will probably come to the realization that hardly any of these were boys. Girls embrace these leadership roles nowadays and I’m sure none of them were called “bossy” and if they were, I bet it didn’t affect them.

People are more individualistic in today’s age, the word “bossy” is the farthest thing from a harmful word, I could think of probably a dozen other words that women are called that are a lot more hurtful than “bossy” and those are the terms being used today.  If a girl can’t handle being called bossy then she definitely can’t lead. In a leadership role people are criticized constantly, you need to be able to have thick skin, people will never go through life without hardships, you just need to keep pursuing what you want.

By saying banning this term will encourage more girls to become leaders is embarrassing, if girls and women want to continue to be treated as equals then they need to handle tough situations, being easier on them won’t help anything. In my opinion this campaign was composed by four influential women who have a lot of time on their hands and just want their voice to be heard. There should be a “Ban the Ban Bossy” campaign.