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Traveling abroad. So many people are interested, but few rarely go through with their dreams of traveling abroad because of complications. One of these many complications may be obtaining a passport. The Institute of Study Abroad here at Adrian College has made studying abroad a little easier by making a day strictly for receiving a […]

Nov. 28 Campus Activities Network hosted their annual Comedy Night which featured AC’s own Alexandra Myers as the opening act followed by Susanne Monk and headliner Jen Kober. The night started with AC students jumping on stage to tell their best joke. Five students told their best joke, and the three best, voted on by […]

Every year, many of the Adrian College organizations around campus volunteer to rake leaves for people around the community that are not able to rake the leaves in their own yard. Last Sunday, the Rake and Run event was hosted by the Student Government Association. Junior Elizabeth Thomas and junior Tess Steedman were in charge […]

Adrian College and Michigan International Speedway have partnered to provide students from science fields to education a positive new environment that they can learn from. The fastest track in the NASCAR industry is helping the AC students by providing 900 acres to explore the plant and animal life that has evolved there. The science majors […]

This past Saturday, the Adrian College campus came together to cheer on this year’s men’s fraternity Runouts. The event was located inside the Caine Student Center. The participating fraternities included Theta Chi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE), Alpha Tau Omega (ATO), Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE), and newcomers Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE). Runouts are held every year […]

Each year, Adrian College brings back Alumni from the past years to award them by making them a part of the Hall of Fame. Last Friday, four individuals and two teams from previous years were inducted into the AC Hall of Fame for their excellence in sports. The Walk of Fame started on the terrace […]

The goal of P.R.I.D.E. is “to help build tolerance and awareness around [the Adrian College] campus, and to promote the ideas that those that have physical or mental limitations aren’t limited to what they can accomplish,” says junior Marina Morris, who is a P.R.I.D.E member. P.R.I.D.E is an organization at AC that promotes Disability Awareness. […]

Campus Activities Network (CAN) is responsible for planning social and educational events throughout the year. CAN is funded through a portion of each student’s tuition activity fee. CAN has a $60,000 budget that allows them to put on monthly events and offer free prizes to students. Currently, the president of CAN is junior Meg Vandekerkhove, […]