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21 new passports on their way to AC students

Passport photos and applications are organized and sent to the Post Office.
Passport photos and applications are organized and sent to the Post Office.

Traveling abroad. So many people are interested, but few rarely go through with their dreams of traveling abroad because of complications. One of these many complications may be obtaining a passport. The Institute of Study Abroad here at Adrian College has made studying abroad a little easier by making a day strictly for receiving a passport. This day was last Thursday the fourteenth.

The Study Abroad Office was open to any students who were in need of a passport. The employees in the office along with Dr. Bott helped students complete the information needed for the passport. The office also took all head shots of the students who were applying for a passport. Afterwards, the office took the information to the Adrian Post Office.

“The team from the Study Abroad office worked for three hours total, processing the passport information with the Adrian Post Office,” said Derek Jackson, junior, employee for the Study Abroad office.

Altogether there were twenty-one individuals who completed and submitted the materials that were needed to obtain a passport.

“Passport day is important because students need to be given all possible resources on campus. Having a passport day provides them with an opportunity to ask necessary questions without having to leave campus,” said Jackson.

This is exactly what the Study Abroad office provided for the students on Adrian’s campus. By providing a place on campus to obtain a passport makes it easier for students in many ways. Students felt that it was helpful and convenient.

It is required to have a passport when traveling to a different country. Having a passport is also a way of proving identity and is asked for in some circumstances when applying for employment.  Those with questions about passports or study abroad, can contact Dr. Bott or stop by the Study Abroad office on the first floor of Valade Hall, across from Knight Auditorium.

AC students hit the books again for spring semester

Spring Semester of 2013 is here. Coming back to Adrian College for another semester can bring an array of emotions to many students here.

After Christmas and New Year celebrations, for most of the students, they just want to sit back, relax and enjoy the snow.

But they all know that once Jan. 14 rolled around, they would have to make their way back to Adrian. Others embraced coming back to Adrian College for many different reasons.

Whether their reasons be to see friends they haven’t seen in nearly a month or to just finish another semester of school.

For some of the students, they had serious thoughts going through their heads as they came back to school. This is the last semester of college for some.

Senior Eric Dermanelian, says that, “It’s my last semester, so I was really looking forward to coming back and finishing up school so I can get my degree.”

After four years at Adrian College, many have shown excitement to come back and finish up their last set of classes.

“It’s hard to get back into the homework mode,” said Dermanelian. He went on to discusss his excitement to be back for another semester while also talking about his reservations in regard to schoolwork.

Another senior who will be graduating come May is Donna Dickerson. Dickerson has been working towards her degree in Criminal Justice for the past four years. However, even after her years spent at AC, she will be coming back in the fall to study for her Masters.

“I think it will be extremely different come next year,” she said. “I will have even less down time than I do now. I won’t be able to live with my friends as I do now.” Dickerson is trying to enjoy the little time she has now before starting her Masters come the fall.

Some other students were excited to come back because they would finally be out of their parent’s houses and get to move in with all of their friends again.

Sophomore Kayley Smiskey stated that she was very excited to come back because she was able to move into a house with her teammates. Even though she was eager to move into the new house and see her friends and teammates again, she was not happy about having to start attending classes again.

After talking to three different students here at AC, the majority seems to be happy about coming back to Adrian but not so thrilled to actually have to go back to school and hit the books again.

So, how many days until Spring Break?   Well, we have about a month or so. Let’s just call it thirty.

How many days until Summer Break? Three months from now, so about ninety days. We’re all counting down the days. And some of us are looking forward to the end of the semester more than others.

Jen Kober gives students a reason to laugh

Nov. 28 Campus Activities Network hosted their annual Comedy Night which featured AC’s own Alexandra Myers as the opening act followed by Susanne Monk and headliner Jen Kober.

The night started with AC students jumping on stage to tell their best joke. Five students told their best joke, and the three best, voted on by C.A.N. members, walked away with gift card prizes. Students also had the opportunity to win prizes when C.A.N. members walked through the audience collecting IDs they later used in a drawing for gift cards. These gift cards included Spotted Cow, Subway, and iTunes.

Alexandra Myers, an AC student, took the stage first.

“I was so nervous when I was asked to do it but so honored at the same time. It was really hard for me to wrap my head around trying something new that I know I want to do in front of my peers,” said senior Myers.

She started her show by making fun of her red hair and all of the jokes that often go with it. As she warmed up to the crowd, Myers went on to tell stories of family trips as well as other jokes.

“Making people laugh is one of the greatest gifts you can give, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to do so,” said Myers.

Susanne Monk followed Myers. Monk has been traveling with Kober for a while, working to gain experience in the comedy industry. After she was done, Jen Kober began the main act of the night. She told many jokes that put the audience to tears, including her joke about Michigan and the people who live in the  state. Other jokes included stories of her traveling the United States and conversations between her and her girlfriend. She ended her act by telling the crowd that she was starring in “Anger Management” with Charlie Sheen and had been a part of many movies including “American Pie Reunion.”

In 2011, Kober appeared in “Happy Endings” on ABC, and on season 8 of the hit HBO series “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Jen played Lo’quacious Jones in the new MTV movie “Worst. Prom. Ever.” and she also taped a co-starring role in an episode of NBC’s hit sitcom “Up All Night” with Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph.

“I laughed so hard, I literally had tears running down my face. It was a great way to get the thought of exams off the students’ mind for a little bit,” said senior Kaitlin Schaner.

Rake and Run Helps the Adrian Community

Every year, many of the Adrian College organizations around campus volunteer to rake leaves for people around the community that are not able to rake the leaves in their own yard. Last Sunday, the Rake and Run event was hosted by the Student Government Association. Junior Elizabeth Thomas and junior Tess Steedman were in charge of the event.

“We had around 11 organizations participate in this year’s Rake and Run. Those organizations included Art Therapy, Circle K, Delta Nu Kappa, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chi Omega, Theta Chi, Alpha Phi and more.

“Approximately 100 people contributed,” said Thomas. Other organizations that have participated over the past few years include the cheerleading squads, dance team, football team, men and women’s basketball teams, and softball team.

“I had fun because it was a great opportunity to help people with my sisters. We were all having such a good time laughing and joking around while doing a good deed for the community,” said junior Rachael Bahr. Bahr participated with her sorority during the event.

Adrian College worked with the Lenawee Department on Aging and attained the names of people around the area that would appreciate the help around their yard. This year the organizations raked more than 20 yards of the disabled or elderly.

After the volunteering is finished, a person from the Lenawee Department on Aging calls the residents to ask how the students did and to let them know that the students were from Adrian College.

“It is important because it helps people who aren’t able to rake their own lawns and it puts out a good name to all the groups that participated,” said Bahr.

“This helps give Adrian College an even better name within our community,” said Thomas.

AC and MIS partner up

Adrian College and Michigan International Speedway have partnered to provide students from science fields to education a positive new environment that they can learn from. The fastest track in the NASCAR industry is helping the AC students by providing 900 acres to explore the plant and animal life that has evolved there.

The science majors will be working with the animals and environment around MIS to better understand Michigan’s wildlife. This is a great experience for education majors as well because they will be working with children throughout the programs.

The partnership is called Track and Explore. Jeffrey R. Docking, president of AC, commented on the new partnership and said, “Track and Explore combines the best personnel and resources from our two great organizations into a powerful learning opportunity for children.”

AC and MIS have come together to provide many ways to educate students from around the Irish Hills area on things such as animal and environment life here in Michigan.

According to the AC website, there are four programs that have been newly announced. The first is the “How’s the Water” program. This program focuses on the water quality of the Irish Hills area and how it affects us.

“The students get to experiment and test the water quality of the many sources of water at MIS,” said sophomore Morgan Pendleton. “This is exciting for them because they get to use tools that some of them have never used before, such as pH strips, and microscopes.”

Another program that is offered is the “Critter Encounter.” MIS has a nature trail on the property, so students can walk down the trail and see the different animals in a new way than just learning from pictures in textbooks.

“It’s a great way for students to learn more about nature and why different things happen in nature, while seeing it in person,” said Pendleton.

Other programs that are offered include “Identifying Flora and Fauna of the Irish Hills” and “Track Tours.”

This partnership provides ways to help the students in the community grow. Track and Explore activities will take place at Michigan International Speedway in the Graves Family Campground and at the speedway’s infield media center. Programs will begin again in spring of 2013.

Student Organization Spotlight – Art Club offers many opportunities

There have been many up and coming organizations on Adrian College campus within the past 10 years. One of these groups is the Art Club. This organization is an academic and profession based group that works with students in the art department to help them grow as artists.

There are three different clubs that are related to the art department. The first is the Art Club. Art Club helps members reach personal art-related goals while encouraging them to think outside the box. The club is also know for helping members learn leadership by teaching others as well as working as team to develop art work inspired by many.

The Art Club works with members to use their time and talents to benefit the AC campus and the Adrian community. The Art Club has painted the walls of local businesses including The Pediatric Center where they drew and painted kid friendly designs in exam rooms. They also work with the Clay Bowls fundraiser as well as offer art classes to community members.

The president of the Art Club is senior Shannon Kynion. If you are interested in becoming part of the art club then please contact Shannon at or advisor Cathy Royer at

The next organization that has a spotlight on art is the Art Education Program. This program helps students become more familiar with the education side of art to help prepare them in their future careers. Many students who are members of this organization are aspiring to be successful art teachers. The organization also sponsors exhibitions and workshops for community members.

“On Saturday mornings we teach art to students at Art Rocks Kids, as well as help set up the region 3 K-12 Art Show in February,” said junior Colleen Grondin. “Being in the Art Education Club allows us to network with art educators around Lenawee County as well as gain more experience working with children to help us become better educators when we graduate.”

Members also attend the Michigan Arts Education Association conference. This year’s conference is entitled “Navigating the Currents–Waves of Inspiration” and will be held in Traverse City this weekend. Workshops include Native American Art and Culture, Mothers and Daughters in Art, and Virtual Clay Modeling using Sculptris and Real Clay. The mission of MAEA is to provide inspiration as we navigate current trends toward the future of Art Education.

The program allows the students to get a feel of teaching to other students in local school districts. The art education program also sponsors exhibitions, workshops, and conferences like the Michigan Art Education Association. For more information, you can contact the president, Taylor Dow at, or the advisor, Susan Thompson at

The last club is the Art Therapy Club. These students work to help other students get involved in art. This group gives students the opportunity to learn more about the field of art therapy. To learn more about the Art Therapy Club you can email president Brittany Hall at or advisor, Pi Benio, at

Examples of art pieces from each group can be found in galleries across campus as well as in the halls and studios of Mahan Hall.

The Art Club meets in Mahan 212 at 9:45 p.m. on Tuesdays.

AC Fraternities welcome 59 new members

Alpha Tau Omega took first place in the dance competition. Their dance included a selection from a musical as well as “Call Me Maybe.”

This past Saturday, the Adrian College campus came together to cheer on this year’s men’s fraternity Runouts. The event was located inside the Caine Student Center. The participating fraternities included Theta Chi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE), Alpha Tau Omega (ATO), Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE), and newcomers Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE).

Runouts are held every year in the fall and spring. They consist of a dance competition between each fraternity, where the top three are named winners and given medals. After the competition has concluded those male students who signed their bids literally run out to their new brothers.

During this event, the different fraternities had just a few minutes to show the AC students the dance moves they had prepared prior to the competition. Each fraternity was put into a bucket where names were drawn to determine the order. Up first was TKE. They jammed out to some popular songs that got the crowd pumped up and ready to see more of what they had. They created a story using a clock effect during their routine.

Theta Chi was chosen second.

“The song Levels by Avicii was my favorite song. That part of the dance was hilarious,” said senior Kyle Cordova. “The part I was in for was Big Sean’s solo in Justin Beiber’s “As Long As You Love Me.” It was really cool because we came up with it last minute.”

Theta Chi also did a segment to ‘Call Me Maybe’ and passed out phone numbers and held up signs with members’ phone numbers and Twitter handles.

Following Theta Chi were the reigning champions of fall run outs 2011, SAE.

“Some of our songs included Clique and Mercy, but our biggest crowd pleaser was myself dressed up as the Fresh Prince singing the show opening,” said junior Ben Momon During their dance the boys acted out the Fresh Prince opening, which included pretending to be a car.

Theta Chi welcomed 14 news members on Saturday. The fraternity took first runner up in the dance competition.

Up next were the boys of PIKE. They made the crowd laugh by coming out in a hand built fire truck, a reference to the fire truck they used in the homecoming parade that has their fraternity letters written on the side. PIKE picked songs that supported their theme of the fire truck, amongst “Fireman” by Lil’ Wayne. The members of PIKE participated in their first run outs and welcomed five new members during the event.

Last, but certainly not least, was ATO. The men in this fraternity had their moves precise and together all throughout their performance.

“The best moves came from ATO when doing the Gangnam Style dance,” said Cordovai. ATO’s performance also included a dance segment to a High School Musical song featuring basketballs.

After the performances from each fraternity the winners were announced. Second runner up went to SAE, first runner up was Theta Chi, and ATO came out the fall 2012 run outs champions, who had never won the competition portion of Runouts before.

“My favorite moment was actually winning run outs. This year it was a competition again, and I think we [ATO] were really motivated,” said senior Ryan Anderson.

This year the fraternities welcomed a total of 59 new pledges to their families, which is the largest fall bid class since the fall of 2007.

“As a whole IFC is really coming together and working hard to put on great events such as run outs,” said Anderson.

Any male students interested in joining a fraternity are welcome to participate in spring recruitment and Runouts. For more information contact AC’s Greek Life coordinator David Napieralski at

New alumni grace athletic Hall of Fame

Each year, Adrian College brings back Alumni from the past years to award them by making them a part of the Hall of Fame. Last Friday, four individuals and two teams from previous years were inducted into the AC Hall of Fame for their excellence in sports. The Walk of Fame started on the terrace of Caine Student Center and ended in the Tobias Room.

The inductees traveled down the sidewalks and were cheered on by this year’s teams. These teams included the hockey teams, basketball, softball, cheer and dance, football, and many others.

“It was a great way for the school to show their appreciation to all the athletes, whether it be today’s athletes or athletes from the past,” said freshman Erin Wantroba.

The students had smiles on their faces all throughout the walk and acknowledged the inductees as they walked by. The band was playing the school’s fight song and some other upbeat songs.

After the walk, inductees were treated to games and food in the Tobias Room. They were also welcomed to the many activities and games that were to occur the next day.

The inductees into the 2012 Hall of Fame included Jewell Threat ‘75, Sam Yau ‘85, Heidi Hillman Mueller ‘96, and Jodi LaRocca Taylor ‘02. Jewell Threat was a baseball and basketball player. Sam Yau was a soccer player here at Adrian. Heidi Hillman Mueller was inducted for accomplishments in swimming. The last inductee was Jodi LaRoca Taylor who played softball.

Two teams were also inducted into the Hall of Fame this year. The 1993 men’s varsity baseball team was one of them. They were the first baseball team from AC to win the MIAA Championship. The other team was the 1993 women’s varsity softball team.

According to the 1993 softball team, “Being inducted as a team means a lot to us. We practiced, played games, and worked out as a team, so why not be inducted as a team?”

The Athletic Walk of Fame is an annual event at Adrian College. Those interested in participating can come to Caine Student Center on the Friday night before the homecoming game.

P.R.I.D.E. helps to spread disability awareness

The goal of P.R.I.D.E. is “to help build tolerance and awareness around [the Adrian College] campus, and to promote the ideas that those that have physical or mental limitations aren’t limited to what they can accomplish,” says junior Marina Morris, who is a P.R.I.D.E member.

P.R.I.D.E is an organization at AC that promotes Disability Awareness. P.R.I.D.E stands for ‘Promoting the Right of Individuals with Disabilities Everywhere.’ The group promotes people with disabilities, but also works to help people with physical or mental incapabilities feel accepted by society. P.R.I.D.E brings hope to everyone and the idea that you can do anything that you put your mind to.

P.R.I.D.E is not only for people with a disability, but also for people who are interested in learning how to treat people with disabilities. This pertains to the awareness aspect of P.R.I.D.E. Everyone should know what to do to make others feel welcome. This is an opportunity to learn just that and more.

This year, P.R.I.D.E is putting on many events to raise awareness. Some of these events include Polar Plunge and the Sweetheart Prom at the H.O.P.E. Community Center. They are working to add more events to their calendar.  The Polar Plunge is a national event involving individuals making donations and then jumping into a lake, ocean or river in the middle of winter. The events in Michigan are sponsored by the Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR).

After raising funds, these participants dress up in costume and prepare to plunge, ready to jump in and freeze their fur for a good cause. Funds can be raised by collecting pledges from friends, family, co-workers and neighbors.

Proceeds from these plunges help support year-round sports training and athletic competition for more than 19,600 children and adults with intellectual disabilities in Michigan.

(LETR) Polar Plunges will take place throughout Michigan in January, February and March 2013. Plunge sites confirmed so far include Alpena, Ann Arbor, Belleville, Brighton, Caro, Cheboygan, Chippewa Lake, Detroit, Edwardsburg, Fenton, Gaylord, Grand Rapids, Holland, Jackson, Kalamazoo, Lake City, Lansing, Legislative, Marquette, Monroe, Mt. Pleasant, Muskegon, Saginaw/Bay City/Midland, St. Clair, Sault Ste. Marie, Stanton, Sylvan Lake and Traverse City. To learn more about the LETR Polar Plunges visit or

P.R.I.D.E is always looking for new and exciting ways to spread disabilities awareness. To learn more about P.R.I.D.E and how to become involved, please contact Marina Morris at

Student Organization Spotlight – CAN plans free events for students

Campus Activities Network (CAN) is responsible for planning social and educational events throughout the year. CAN is funded through a portion of each student’s tuition activity fee. CAN has a $60,000 budget that allows them to put on monthly events and offer free prizes to students.

Currently, the president of CAN is junior Meg Vandekerkhove, its vice president is junior Melissa Roe, its secretary is senior Delaney Andrews, and its recruitment chair is senior Garrett Beitelschies.

“CAN’s purpose on campus is to provide free events for students to attend,” said Vandrkerkhove.

CAN is a student run group that puts on monthly activities for students. These activities include bingo, comedians, or stressbuster events. Past events include a Halloween Party, Family Feud night, Valentine’s Day skate, Bingo and pancakes during Pancakes Under the Stars. They also plan special events, such as the concert featuring Austin Renfroe and Kurt Scobie and comedian Ray Wood Jr. CAN also sponsored events during Sibs and Kids Weekend.

Every year, Todd Conley, CAN advisor, and students attend the Regional NACA (National Association of Campus Activities) Conference. At this conference they are given opportunities to meet vendors and talent, such as comedians and magicians. CAN is then able to hire these new vendors for campus events throughout the school year. This year’s conference will be held in Grand Rapids November 1-4. The organization also plans to attend the National Conference held in Nashville, Tennessee in February.

CAN has already put on Crazy CAN Wednesday. This event gave students the opportunity to learn more about campus organizations. Each campus organization was able to set up a table and talk to students about what they offered. Students were also able to win free prizes and eat free food. Students had the opportunity to ride the large Slip’n’Slide as well. Friday night featured the Ohio Burn Unit performance.

The next CAN sponsored event is Bruiser Bowl held during homecoming week. “Bruiser Bowl is a contest consisting of flag football,” said junior, Nate Ludaway. Students have the opportunity to compete in teams of six for prizes. There will also be food, raffles, and free T-shirts at the event.

Other events include a Halloween Event in October, Comedy Night in November, and Stressbusters and Bingo in December. These events often give students the opportunity to win free prizes such as stereo systems, iPods, televisions, iPads, movies and gift cards.

“Being a part of CAN is a great way to make sure the money we give the school is used in a way that benefits us. It allows all students the opportunity to get involved in things happening on campus,” said Beitelschies. CAN gives students the opportunity to gain and develop leadership skills as well as interpersonal skills.

CAN also works with other campus groups, allowing them to rent out their sound equipment for events. For more information about CAN or any of the above events please contact Megan Vandekerkhove at Meetings are held every Monday at 8:30p.m. in the Hickman boardroom. All are welcome to attend.