Wednesday, April 24, Adrian College’s Religious Life Council (RLC) will host a Christian Worship concert, called Sanctus Spring. This two-hour event will highlight Worship bands and artists within community churches, solo artists, and campus performers, including the AC Worship Team, college choir, and chamber choir.

In addition to music, the event will allow an opportunity for interaction between the performers and participants in an effort to have fewer boundaries between them. In addition, the concert will allow time for prayers, praises, testimonies, and reflection throughout, as well as contact information and support networks to exchange between community and campus members.

Senior Alicia Fowler is helping to organize and coordinate the event, giving all the glory to God.

“Some time ago, God spoke to me through His Word telling me that Adrian College should host a Christian Concert,” Fowler explains. “Ever since that moment, myself and others here on campus and in the community have been diligently working to see this event come alive.”

Fowler outlines a seven-fold purpose for the Sanctus Spring concert. This includes enriching the Adrian College and surrounding communities, encouraging and promoting fellowship, and networking across generational and denominational boundaries.

It also ensures spiritual tradition, combating spiritual demons and transgressions, provide for those who are searching or who are in need, intensify AC’s compassionate reputation throughout the community, and initiate and continue a Christian and spiritual legacy both on campus and around the community.

This Christian Worship concert, according to Fowler, is not only for AC students. It is intended as a gift to the entire community.

“Through a recent biblical revelation, God has called us to perform music and to worship together,” said Fowler. The concert will encourage kinship between students and faculty on campus, and the world outside AC.

“With our spiritual gifts as our tools and the Holy Spirit as our guide, we can encourage and promote fellowship by building bridges with other Christians within our immediate community.”

To get the campus community excited for the Worship event, Fowler said that, if money allows, she wants to have additional items at the event to add to the overall atmosphere, including t-shirts for sale, light refreshments (lemonade, cookies), and posters and contact information about church groups and events in the area.

Lastly, Fowler explained the origin of the concert’s name: Sanctus Spring.

“Sanctus means ‘Holy,’ “The word ‘Spring’ has a triple meaning. One is having to do with the spring season,” said Fowler.

The second is from John 4:14: ‘Drink from the spring of eternal life.’ The last is a mechanical sense of the word: visualize a spring being compressed—once confined and contained, but through Christ we are moved and spring to life with enthusiasm.”

The Religious Life Council’s event will take place Wednesday, April 24, from 6-8 p.m. The event will unfold on the AC Terrace, and is free to all who attend.