What is it about men in suits that make girls go absolutely gaga?  Do not you even get me started on police officers and their uniforms. It’s as if angels came down from and then dressed them. Beautiful, just beautiful. Am I right girls?

Guys, what about those beautiful girls when they dress up. Their hair, makeup, and clothes make them look like they belong on the cover of Vogue. As if you’ve never seen a more beautiful girl in your life, right?

What is it about a person that makes them so attractive to people? Is it the way they smell? Because, let me tell you, when guys smell good, they’re going to get “the look.” You know the one I’m talking about. A girl sits next to a guy that smells like the inside of Hollister, and they put their head on the palm of their hand, flare their nostrils, and pounce.

Guys, when a girl walks into the room, dressed in jeans and a tank top, you’re going to look. It’s a natural instinct. Just be careful to make it seem as if you’re taking notes to avoid getting the same “look” from your girlfriend, otherwise the word “pounce” will be used in a completely different context.

Sure, makeup, cologne, hair, and clothes can help when deciding if you want to pursue somebody, but that’s not all that matters. Beauty may capture the eyes, but it’s the personality that captures the heart.

Do you want that hair, that makeup look, that specific body type? Just pick up a magazine and I guarantee you there is something in there about creating a better you.

Stop right there kiddies. Here’s the thing. If you were born the way you were, if you act and dress and talk the way you do, doesn’t that already make you unique? Who else can be a better you than you yourself?

A lot of people have insecurities. Why do we do this? Why do we feel the need to change ourselves to make somebody else like us.

I say enough is enough. I truly have always believed that the person that I will end up with, will love me for everything that I am and am not. What I mean by that is this; someone will look at you, and then look at other girls or guys, but they’ll already know that they do not compare to you. They’ll know that everything you have, the way you look, is everything that they want, and they’ll never try to change that.