This past weekend, the Adrian chapter of the national dramatic honorary society, Theta Alpha Phi (TAP), held their annual One Act Play Festival in Downs Hall Theatre. Two plays were presented: “Divine Intervention” and “Open Your Eyes.”
The plays were written and directed by Adrian College students and held casts of 14 and four, respectively. Written by Ronald Parker ’11, and Bridget Dill ’12, “Divine Intervention” revolved around a supernatural theme, while “Open Your Eyes” dealt with harsh reality and romance.
They lasted approximately 25 minutes each with a 15-minute intermission between them. Volunteers and members of TAP sold tickets, handed out programs, sold candy during intermission, and ushered.
Newly-renovated, Downs Hall holds roughly 100 seats, and the audience for Friday night’s show held mostly students and parents with seats to spare.
The tight space of Downs allowed the audience to be very intimate with the shows. The actors were blocked close to the front row of seats, which let the audience become a part of the action.
With one set doubling for both shows, the run crew and cast members changed pieces of the scenery during the intermission.
Although there was one open space, “Open Your Eyes” created three rooms: a hospital room, a waiting room, and the roof. Lighting changes encouraged the movement of the audience’s focus switch from one space to another.
“Divine Intervention” took place in one main location: a restaurant. Again, lighting separated the opening scene from the restaurant.
“I really enjoyed it. I cried at the end of ‘Open Your Eyes,’ like a baby. The second one was good, too. Tim’s performance was amazing,” junior Matt Boyers said.
Cast members felt bittersweet after the show was over.
“I’m in a good place right now. We had a great opening and an even better second night so hopefully we’ll have a great closing night,” senior Shelly DeHosse said.
The festival is the biggest fundraiser done by TAP, followed by a Boy Scout benefit. All proceeds made from the shows will go towards next year’s productions.
“We take whatever we make and put it towards next year. We want to make it bigger and better every year,” senior April Gray said.
Three members of the shows were nominated for the Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship. Freshmen Joe Stutzman and Tim Harkleroad and senior Meg Kisch will participate in the competition to be held at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in early January. They will perform three pieces with partners, representing AC’s theatre department for six days.
“I am very honored to be nominated. I can’t wait for the experience,” freshman Tim Harkleroad said.