Adrian College welcomes a new professor, Annie Haddad. to the Modern Languages Department. Haddad is  at Adrian College on a Fulbright Scholarship, one scholar of about 400 studying all over the U.S. She graduated from the Arab Open University-Beitrut, Lebanon with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Linguistics.
Annie Haddad is from Lebanon, a country famous for its majestic mountains, beautiful beaches, and mouth-watering cuisine.
Lebanon has often been portrayed as a country wrought with war; however, the civil war ended in 1990. In fact, Lebanon is a popular vacation spot for many citizens of the Middle East and Europe. Lebanese people are also famous for their generosity, hospitality, and love to laugh and live.
“One of the main objectives of the Fulbright program is to introduce the American students to a different culture and erase some misconceptions, so I am almost playing the role of the ambassador of my country,” said Haddad.  “I got a Fulbright scholarship after I applied for it and went through the long selection process. I applied because it was a unique opportunity that not a lot of people get the chance to have. The opportunity to expand your knowledge, grow, and pass what you acquired to future generations.”
In Lebanon, Haddad taught English as a second language. At AC, she teaches Arabic, and audits American studies, including politics in the third World and international relations.
In addition to her studies, Haddad also pitches in with several groups on campus. As of now, Haddad is involved in Green Action Club, the International Student Organization, and FEM.  She also attends Not For Sale and tries to help out as much as she can.
Haddad also attends many French Club activities, although she is not a member. French is the second official language of Lebanon, so she is fluent.
“I’m here for a year, so it’s nice to be giving back to the society that is welcoming me,” Haddad said.
Haddad is taking pleasure in experiencing American culture. She recently attended her first block party in Holland, MI, and has gone to events on campus. She recently went to the Detroit Museum with the French Club, and attended an Adrian Symphony Orchestra performance.
Some students might find it curious that Haddad chose Michigan for her Fulbright experience.
“One of the questions that you are asked by the Fulbright is if you have any preference or restriction to where you would like to be. My answer was ‘it is going to be my first visit to [the] U.S.A., everywhere is new and holds its unique character that I will enjoy getting to discover, but please not Alaska because I can hardly imagine myself surviving the winter weather and the long dark days,” said Haddad.
She also has many travel plans for the winter break.
“My plan during winter break is to travel around. I have to attend a workshop in Washington first, and then I am free to go sightseeing, most probably along the east coast from New York to Florida.,” Haddad said.
Haddad will be on campus for the remainder of the year and is very interested in getting to know American students and cultures. She can be found in her office in Goldsmith.
“[I enjoy] getting to experience a new way of living, and see a different perspective of doing things,” said Haddad.