Last Friday, alumna Sarah Muylle ’10 returned to Adrian College to talk to art students about her career.
Muylle graduated from AC with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and currently works for the Tapco group, an exterior home design company. Here, Muylle works on various aspects of the Tapco group websites and helps develop videos and photos of Tapco products being used.
“I really like working out in the field with photography and film, and creating new designs for the look of the company,” she said.
Muylle touched on several topics during her presentation on the path to an artistic career, such as résumé building, internships, applying to jobs, and the importance of business classes. She stressed the importance of applying for jobs early, instead of students waiting until they are out of school.
“Internships are really big. Get that experience out in the field,” she said.
She said that business classes help students learn the business side of their future career, particularly if they are using their artistic or design skills for a company.
Muylle also had advice for students for if they are not able to find a job right away.
“Keep busy, even if you can’t find a job. Do freelance [work], take extra classes, or even apply for jobs not in your field,” she said.
Senior Alex Schaufele, who is pursuing a degree in studio arts, said she enjoyed hearing about how employers use sites like and LinkedIn to look for possible employees, which can be extremely helpful to recent graduates.
Senior Mariah Postlewait also thought the presentation was extremely helpful and inspiring.
“It was encouraging to hear from ‘one of us.’  She’s someone who’s been where we are now and succeeded,” Postlewait said.