Adrian College is home to three national sororities: Alpha Phi, Chi Omega, and Alpha Sigma Alpha. While all three are historic, Alpha Phi is the oldest of the three on campus. The Alpha Phi chapter turned 50 this month.
Founded in 1872, the Phi’s at AC currently hold 53 members, having recruited 18 women this semester.  This year, they are the largest sorority and have reached their ceiling for members and will most likely not give open bids because of how successful formal recruitment was.
“I joined Alpha Phi last year because I wanted to be part of an organization that was sociable and did community service. My favorite part about being a Phi is my sisters,” sophomore Jaelinn Soeltner said.
To celebrate its birthday, Alpha Phi held its annual Alumni luncheon on Saturday and had a special shout-out at fraternity runouts Friday night in Caine. Students sang happy birthday to the chapter in between the dance contest and the results.
“It’s really cool to be a part of history in the making,” Soeltner said.
The sorority also walked with a banner in the Homecoming parade that noted the special occasion. “50” was the dominant figure on the sign.
“A bunch of us walked with our banner and it had a big 50 for our 50th birthday. We had candy to throw and party hats. It was really fun. The goal was to show AC that we have been around for a while and are proud of it,” junior Meghann Brozowski said.
The Phi’s philanthropy, the Alpha Phi Foundation, sponsors scholarships, organizes leadership training, supports women’s heart health, and supplies funds for alumnae and sisters in crisis.
Members of Alpha Phi are required to complete at least five hours of community service, whether it be with the Alpha Phi Foundation or a local charity or service project. This does not include the service projects put on by the chapter each year or any event the girls might do together.
The goals for the sisters are to have “unity of feeling, sisterly affection, and social communion” within the chapter. They accomplish this through Big Sis, Little Sis programs and bonding as much as possible.
“I looked for a sorority where I really connected with the most girls,” sophomore Holly Mykolatis said.
With “Union Hand in Hand” as their motto, the Alpha Phi’s wear the Phi Bear as their mascot and silver and bordeaux as their colors.